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The JW & FA Companies Pvt. Ltd is one of Pakistan's leading business companies which has been established in 2018 and become one of the reputed business groups in Pakistan. It owns and manages the companies of different sectors with a team of energetic entrepreneurs.

These companies are competing brilliantly in their sectors to hooks the name at the high-level while some of them are at the developing tenure.
JW & FA Companies Pvt. Ltd successfully integrates in the E-Commerce industry with the name of by offering online consumer products for shopping including all kinds of products and brands.

Recently got a new development as an e-marketplace whereby various vendors will be offered to set up their virtual outlets for marketing and selling various products they deal in.

The Platform of Original Brands – A platform for online shopping that offers highly popular and branded items and comprising an upgraded level of latest product and gadget. Our platform is rich of the incredible range of smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs, LEDs, Kitchen appliances, home appliances, kid's accessories, oral health care, furniture, home decoration, apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, sports goods and many more. We still focusing to extend product line at our online store to expand the trend of e-commerce shopping throughout Pakistan.

Our Values

We innovate and evolve a conducive corporate culture for our people and prepare them to lead in a most competitive environment;
ETHICS: We keep ethical business practices at the heart of Premier's culture
LOYALTY: We earn the respect and confidence of our stakeholders through business excellence.

INTEGRITY: We manage our operations, finances, and practices with honesty, efficiency, and reliability

INNOVATION: We invent and incorporate practices that improve the way we work.

Noteworthy Service

We believe in the care of a customer, the only key to unlock the trust and confidence of the customers. Offering the products along with warranty by the pertinent manufacture's service center. We assigned the technical team with hands-on experience to answer the queries and resolve the issue encountered by our customers. Moreover, we are also equipped with technically sound professionals to fix the issue on a prior basis and make our customers contented.

On-Time delivery

Riders of deliver more than 200 orders in a single day to meet the delivery time schedule for retaining customer's satisfaction. Delivery time based on the nature of products and brand. We also deal with more options to ensure door-to-door delivery that's why interlink with reliable courier companies. The practice of same-day delivery service on the special request of the customer also becomes the key strength.

Organize Sale Events

A marketplace seems fade without sales events as it is the best technique to add value to the shopping decision of an individual. We deemed to make our e-commerce channel as the best place to buy original products with good discounts that's why organize multiple sales event in a single year.

We offer best deals on different occasion which mainly includes Friday Bazar, Year End Bazaar, Eid Sale, Weekly Sales Program, Clearances Sale, 14 August Sale, 23rd March Sale, and many more. At these events, every vendor can enjoy good sale ratio and also create a long-term relationship with their customers while on the other hand, our customer can buy high-quality product at relatively low rate.

Contact us:

UAN: +92 21 111 222 202


Office 506, Continental Trade Centre (CTC), Block 8, Clifton. Karachi - 74200 Pakistan.


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