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Sonami Deals of Year-End Bazaar Were Offered in Just PKR 1

Online Shopping in Pakistan

A happy ending of any year proves a successful journey that's why numerous major brands prefer to celebrate it with their customers by offering some discounts on their products with respect to online shopping in Pakistan. also done the same and did live Year-End Bazaar to made the year ending more adventurous.

The great discounts were offered; made everyone crazy especially UnionPay Card Holders had enjoyed it as a festive sale by paying only PKR 1 against their orders.

In Year-End Bazaar everyone had a particular portion of Sonami Deals those offered different items in only PKR 1. This deal was only valid for the UnionPay Card Holders of selective banks like HBL; through which customers also experienced and saved the shopping environment at our e-commerce platform. For more pricing details, everyone was allowed to see;
Online Shopping Sale in Pakistan

  • Mobile price in Pakistan
  • Laptop price in Pakistan
  • Pakistani Designer Clothes
  • AC price in Pakistan
  • Original Watches in Pakistan
and many more

We were assured that UnionPay cardholders must not be wanted to miss these amazing concessions on original products. They did not need to rush toward the market to avail of this exciting discount as Year-End Bazaar brought this all at their fingertip.

They were just needed to visit the website any time throughout the day from 23rd December to 26th December 19. Since the event has been ended and got much fame and praise of customers all across the country and got things in unbelievable cut-rates.


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