Series of iPhone 11 Created Hype With Latest Technologies

Apple iPhone 11 in Pakistan

The best cameras, incredibly great display, fastest charging, and more battery life add super value in each model of the iPhone 11 series. This series complete with three different models i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Combination of Two or Three Rear Cameras

The mammoth advancement of cameras is the key feature of this new series that provides a better experience while recording precious moments of life and lets you capture clearer images every time. The combination of three 12MP lenses (wide, ultrawide, and telephoto) in iPhone 11 Pro in Pakistan and iPhone 11 Pro Max completes the features of the rear camera while iPhone 11 contains only two 12MP cameras i.e. wide and ultrawide. You can click the high-resolution image from any distance by holding the latest smartphones that have been launched by Apple.

Breakthrough Cameras Features

Proficiency in photography with any model of iPhone 11 does not only depend on the attached hardware but also supports by multiple software like night-mode, finest video recording of a fast-moving scene and shooting amazing slow-motion video with a selfie camera. It featured with better cinematic stabilization and extending dynamic range. You can enjoy the best result of cameras during day time as it does not have any issue with sun rays as well. The ability to zoom in and zoom out is one more feature that sustains the worth of cameras and justifies with the iPhone 11 price in Pakistan.

The Fastest A13 Bionic Chipset

The featured A13 Bionic is not too much shocking one for the Apple user but every iPhone user love to have it in their smartphone. The CPU works 20% faster through which you can use multiple Apps with light-fastening speed. A13 Bionic chip is one of the fastest chip in the modern world of technology that's why it also reflect some impact on the range of iPhone 11 Price in Pakistan.

Hues of Matte Shades

The matte shades provide a catchy look to the highly-efficient smartphone. iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are available in four different colors i.e. Midnight green, gold, silver, and space gray while on the other hand, iPhone 11 available in 6 different mate shades which include white, black, yellow, green, purple, and red. The wider range of colors provides an amazing chance to let you buy as per your color preference. The particular matte shade does not fluctuate iPhone 11 Price in Pakistan through which you do not need to compromise with the color preference anymore.

Back and Front Aluminum Glass

Apple also claims that a series of iPhone 11 contains a tough shield of glass at the back same as front to save it from dirt and water. The aluminum glass keeps the smartphone safe either it falls from a certain height or drawn into the water for 30 minutes. iPhone 11 Price in Pakistan is slightly high due to the bunch of latest features that's why its developer ensures its long life with superior quality of the outer body. You can hold it freely and confidently sweep your finger on the screen without bothering about damages.

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