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Best and Stylish Dresses by Sapphire to Meet the Expectation of Fashionista

The fashion of Kurtas always inspires a young and a professional group of women that's why storm of designer kurtas for women always take the fashion industry at the peak level. It reflects a decent and elegant side of the wearer's personality and you can carry it with a different classy bottom. On the other hand, the trend of short frocks also rising on a regular basis same as Kurtas. The real beauty of those frocks is the way of carrying it. It looks cool with tulip, trouser, straight pants, and bell bottoms. If you are looking for alluring Kurtas and frocks for the occasion of Eid then take a look of Sapphire's catalog. It offers a wider pool of choices for its customers and let them consider their dressing sense. Sapphire lawn collection and Pret wear will definitely maximize the level of excitement same as last few years. The designer of Sapphire enjoy the fruit of their countless effort due to the positive response from the customer and also plan somet

The Excitement of Eid Collection 2019 among Pakistani Fashionista

Eid is the event of joy and happiness for every Muslims that's why every member of that community prepare many plans to celebrate Eid for making it one of the memorable days of their life. Eid also brings bunches of happiness in Pakistan by lightening up the street and market of Pakistan. Everyone rush toward outlets of famous brands to pick best Eid clothes and some other fashion accessories through which they enjoy the best styling on the best day of the year.The theme of Pakistani Eid dresses has been set as per the Pakistani ritual through which an individual enjoy their modern look without crossing limit of traditions. The race among Pakistani designers is about to start and every designer organized their strategy for inspiring fashionista with their upcoming theme. It is quite earlier to define the Eid collection 2019 by a famous designer but it will definitely be going to enjoy good sale ratio the same as in previous years.

Tribute to the Effort of Junaid Jamshed by Imran Khan

Legends always stay alive in the hearts of his fans even after their death due to the countless struggle that let them made their reputed image. Junaid Jamshed is also one of the famous legends who proves himself as a great philosopher, spiritual person, and talented spokesperson due to his vocal ability. His voice always pleased the listeners and touch the depth of their feelings that's why his fans still remember him in their words. Even the 22nd president of Pakistan "Imran Khan" also tribute him by wearing J. Sherwani in his oath-taking ceremony. The black and loose fitted personality suits on the bold and dashing personality of Imran Khan. Imran Khan also inspired from the struggle of Junaid Jamshed and recall his effort at one of the historical events. It was a great honor for the entire team and now they are focusing more toward further development. They launched some more sophisticated designer dresses for men and women to maintain their reputed imag