Threatening Situation for Pakistan Mobile Dealers

Mobile Price in Pakistan
The new government of Pakistan imposed heavy-duty charges on mobile which affect the mobile price in Pakistan and sale-ratio as well. The particular decision by government push dealers into a problematic situation as it seems to affect their growth rate in the market of Pakistan. It is threatening situation for them right now which can affect their long-term effort as well.

2019, seemed like a good tenure for the mobile phone industry as numerous known brand like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi acknowledge that they are about to bring more advanced technology in their latest model even 5G technology will also available in an upcoming model of branded smartphones. That news grabs the attention of Pakistani market as well and most of the Pakistani mobile users are willing to purchase those smartphones. Demand for the new mobile phone in Pakistan consider to tough its peak but now dealers are not sure that they could meet the demand of market with those latest mobile prices in Pakistan.

It is too early to project the right demand after imposing heavy-duty charges. The smartphone developers are enough confident that the particular technology in upcoming models of their smartphones will definitely enforce an individual to purchase it. Most of the peoples don't want to compromise with their purchasing decision either he or she has to pay a huge amount, on the other hand, increasing rates of a smartphone can show its impact on the purchasing decision of mobile phone users.