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The Possible Choices of Fashion for the Women of Pakistan

Pakistani Lawn Suits
The society of Pakistan is an illustration of tradition and culture and celebration of each event is considered as a blessing. A couple of gathering and celebration of an event is incomplete for women without a touch of fashion.

The public of Pakistan is quite conscious about fashion as they always want to shine brighter by representing the glowing side of their personality.

Women have more variety for carrying fashion than men which can be observed by the rapid growth of women fashion industry. Women always dream to dress-up in a famous designer outfit to look better in a formal and casual gathering.

The growing demand of designer outfit gives birth to the talent of creativity through which multiple brands have risen up due to its collection.

Women seeking for cambric outfit to carry it in winter's gathering while their preference shift toward the lawn in summer that's why top-clothing brand in Pakistan is dealing in a different variety of fabric. Each brand is trying their best to offer a classy collection of casual and pret wear to satisfy the fashion need of each season.

Khas Online Store at

The collection of Khas Store fits with the name of the brand as it brings something special with respect to the seasonal change. Its strongest name support by the variety of seasonal collection and a huge range of design and colors.

Its collection always shines brighter with the pool of lawn suit and khaddar wear through which it is successfully overcoming the thrust of style-oriented women.

Khas Store is one of the older players in the industry of fashion and has a good understanding to create the theme of each season hats why its name is still a list of the top brand in fashion industry.

Kapray Lawn Collections -

The name of a brand is enough to represent its aim to boost the industry by launching eye-catching designer outfits. The brand instantly become popular among women in shot timespan by launching the collection which defines the word fashion from its depth.

The entire process of fabrication and the design or print of outfit glow the personality of women that's why most of the women prefer to visit the outlet of Kapray at the beginning of each season. Each collection of Kapray covered by the kurties to three-piece suit through which women can purchase as per her taste.

Sitara Lawn Collections

It is one of the historic names in the fashion industry of Pakistan which took the initial step as a textile producer. The positive response about the quality of the product enforces the company to extend its product line and now it is also known as a designer brand of Pakistan. Sitara used to launch its collection with the enormous variety of fabric from many years and now it becomes one of the most demand brands in Pakistan.

Sitara collection has been designed by considering the traditional theme of the Pakistan and current fashion of each season. Its collection mainly contains two-piece and three-piece suits with vibrant print, embroidery or digital prints. The dupatta of these suits commonly designs by using chiffon, net or other soft material which has been decided by considering the material of the suit.

Ittehad Lawn Collections

The hues of Ittehad collection also got a good response due to the quality and design of each outfit. The creative approach and innovative steps by the Ittehad always inspire the women of Pakistan for many years.

The variety of fabrics by Ittehad is its key strength that keeps engaging its client. Ittehad lawn collection, a pool of Swiss voile and chiffon collection is successfully fulfilling the varying requirement of the society.

The main outlet of Ittehad is located at Faisalabad but its dedication for enhances the availability of its collection through an online platform with the quality service.

Rehaab Lawn Collections

Rehaab Lawn Collections

Either it is weeding sensations or royal gathering, Rehaab has something classy for you that will let you glow in the gathering.

Rehaab by Jaffrani Textile instantly become famous brand due to its fresh collection and trendy outfits to represent the vogue style statement of women. If you are looking to prominent your well-groomed personality then the outlet of Rehaab will be your best spot for purchasing attire.

The charm of Rehaab collection has been supported by the stylish embroidery, happy shades and best material that will justify with the Rehaab lawn collection price in Pakistan.

Qamash Lawn Collections

Qamash Lawn Collections
Qamash is another designer brand which collections always inspires women over time and take the name of the company at a good level.

The team of Qamash has a good understanding of the true quality of the fabrics that's why each fabric manufacture with proper numbers of yarn while a further process of cutting and designing also done by machines.

The printed shirt, panel embroidery at front, dryer fabric and chiffon dupatta are the key power of Qamash.

The collection of Qamash doesn't end here as it also launches its collection of diverse fabric. Qamash is serving its collection to the thousands of women at Pakistan and competing for its rival from every aspect.

Ayesha Ibrahim Collections

Ayesha Ibrahim Collections

Ayesha Ibrahim forecast the fashion trend and strategically plan the theme of its upcoming collection. The collection by Ayesha Ibrahim represents the creativity and dedication of its professional designer.

The energetic team of Ayesha Ibrahim is the fortune of the brand which always explores the collection of ready to wear and couture.

The entire effort of the team create faith in the mind of the Pakistani women and satisfy them with their purchasing decision.


Each brand has its own story of success which enhances the value of its signature and also quite helpful to boom the industry. The short review of fashion courtier week and collection of each brand throughout the year identify the true effort of designers. The industry of fashion broadened rapidly in last few years and it seems to grow more in upcoming years. Their effort will make fashion for the every women of Pakistan and let them glow like a celebrity.


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