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Friday, May 4, 2018

Increase Your Business Potential with Android Application Development

Increase Your Business Potential with Android Application Development, which is becoming an inevitable need of today`s world.

Android Application Development

These days mobile phones have become quite a rage among everyone. Earlier it was used only for calling and texting purposes but these days the definition of mobile phones have completely changed. After the inception of internet in mobile phones they have become smart phones and in smart phones there are various applications available through which you can perform different functions. These days people of all age groups are using smart phones and for various different purposes and these have become possible because of these various apps.

There are various different operating systems available for various different mobile phones such as java, Symbian etc but these days the operating system which has covered the entire market is android. It is an open source operating system developed by google which is currently being used by various top mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and google itself is using it in their phones nexus. Because of the such massive success of android as an operating system, android application development has become a prominent business. Today there are numerous freelancing developers who are developing various android apps.

What is Mobile Application Development?

Also, there are big enterprises who are in these mobile application development market. The success of android can be measured by the number of apps that are available on the play store, which is the official app store of google. There have been times in recent years where android has covered the more than seventy five percent market share. There are many companies and businesses who are riding on this success of android as they have developed various android applications of there respective businesses.

Android mobile app developmenthas become the number one choice of both developers and the marketers who want to market their product and services. Many successful businesses have collaborated with various mobile application developers and have created cutting-edge and customised apps for themselves.

Another big advantage of using android as a platform for mobile application development is that it is the most updated platform available today. They keep on updating it with various new and exciting features.

Advantages of Android Mobile App Development

1- The application store which contains all the application developed for android i.e. google play store is the largest mobile application store in the entire world. Because of this there will be large number of people visiting the store daily hence larger audience of all the apps.

2- Another big advantage of using android as the platform for your apps is that it offers you easy to use environment of development of app so that you can develop can develop custom made android apps and then you can easily upload them on the play store.

3- Google offers updates constantly for android platforms which in terms helps the developers, marketers and all the businessman in coming up with various new strategies.

4- Developers who are developing these applications also gets benefitted from android as when they are designing apps they get support from android in the form of software development kit.


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