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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Car Rental Company

Here we have Listed down the Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Car Rental Company.

Car Rental

To find the best car rental company, you have to go through a general work of research, planning and comparison. Here are a few mistakes discussed below that most people commit while renting a rental car.

Renting a Car from the Airport

This is the most common mistake committed by the customers while renting a rental car and maybe the most costly one depending on the location. While renting a car might look like the most convenient way, it is definitely not so. For one, it will definitely give you a pinch of the pocket. As we know, everything in an airport costs more. The beverage, the food etc. cost more because they have heavy tax charges placed on them and to compensate for these charges, the selling price will automatically rise as well. A similar arrangement works for rental cars too.

Failing To Plan Prior Your Trip

If you think and plan cleverly before your trip, it may provide you with a lot of savings. For example, if you take car rentals on a per day basis, it will cost you more. However, most car rentals services will be generous enough for their customers to rent for a longer time, such as a week. These will provide you with plenty of discounts and the pocket pinch will be very reasonable.

Not Buying A Plan According To Your Budget

Look before you leap. Check out rates from different car rental services before booking one. Rates depend on various factors, such as destination, seasons etc. Also look for what they charge for fuel. It differs from company to company. Also, do remember to not pre-pay for fuel as it might cost you more. The companies can benefit loads from your misjudgement.

Buying Expensive Insurance Package for Your Rental Car

If you already have insurance for your own car, there are high chances of it including your rental car damages as well. If not, many times the basic coverage of the rental car is already provided in the package you buy. Be well informed as car rental services might often coax you into buying extra policies in the excuse of accidents or emergencies. This might even double up your expense. Sometimes credit cards cover up car rentals as well.

Assuming Immediate Departure

It would be unwise for you to assume that if you suddenly show up at their offices, you will get the rental car as you ask for. If the area is remote or it is a busy day and they do not have such an abundant service or availability of cars, be ready to expect some wait before you get your rental car as per your choice. However, if you have reserved a car prior to your arrival, chances are high that you will get your car pretty quickly.

The process might even take up several hours if the customers are more and the supply rate does not match up to the demand rate. So take time to plan your travel as you do not want to risk missing your flight of putting your journey in jeopardy.

Paying for Unnecessary Accessories

You might end up paying extra for many things you do not need such as a GPS system installed in your car. Most travellers have smartphones with GPS so this is obviously a clever strategy by companies to earn more.

No Prior Inspection of Your Rental Car

As we all know it is better to be safe than sorry. It is very dangerous to set out on your journey without proper checking of the car that has been provided to you. If you suspect that the car is missing something or is not safe enough to be driven around, return it.

It would be wise on your part to do a thorough check-up of the car with an agent from the service before you set out on your journey. Because if the car has a scratch or a dent or a missing part, chances are you will be charged for it if you fail to notify them prior to your rendezvous.

Reserving A Car Of Improper Size

If you are travelling alone, it is better to book a small car as it will cost you less. But for holidays and vacations, when you are with friends and family get a spacious car as it will make your journey much more comfortable and memorable.

Some services do not charge extra for a bigger car, in that case, it would be wise to reserve the bigger car as it would be easier for you to place your luggage. In case they already ran out cars, even after your booking, you will definitely get an upgrade, free of cost.

So look online extensively to find the best car rental company. Keep in mind all the necessary precautions so as to avoid the aforementioned mistakes.


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