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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Guide to Make a Memorable Vacation in Ibiza-Staying in Large Villas

Here we have an ultimate guide to Make a Memorable Vacation in Ibiza-Staying in Large Villas

Ibiza is long considered one of the best holiday destinations in the world. With sun, sand and sea all there to make your holiday a wholesome affair, one needs to also find the perfect abode when traveling to Ibiza. That is why a large villa rental in Ibiza makes perfect sense. But, before look at villas and more, let’s look at why Ibiza is the best there is for a holiday.

7 Reasons Why Ibiza is Perfect

1. Travel
The temperature is close to 27 degrees and with flights going daily from England, there is no boorish long traveling to do during the summer.

2. Capital
The capital of Ibiza is Ibiza-town. Being a really sparkling capital, there are a number of surprises in store here. Laced with wonderful terraces, bars, restaurants and a harbor filled with luxury yachts, with a long history, Ibiza-town is one of the world’s most historic cities. Based inside the district of Dalt Villa, which is filled with fortresses and stairways, Ibiza-town is an apt capital city of heritage island of Ibiza.

3. Markets
Being a hippie island, a laid-back atmosphere adds to its colorful nature. Authentic products, colorful clothing, and live music make it an atmosphere to enjoy.

4. Eateries
Known for its broad selection of Mediterranean eateries, the restaurants here have a relaxed and delectable nature. Whether it is their paella, sushi or tasty cocktails, there is something for everybody here. There are close to 1000 restaurants in Ibiza.

5. Wild Parties
The island is known as a party island, with amazing parties going on all year round. Famous DJ’s such as Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Avicii, and Hardwell have graced this island. If you are a party lover, Ibiza is the best destination for that. The largest club in the world, ‘Privilege’ is situated at Ibiza, with Sankeys, Pacha, Space,and Ushuaia among the others.

6. Getaway
The perfect location for weddings or honeymoon, Ibiza is a romantic getaway for any couple. The Spanish sun can be experienced during the day along the waves of the beach. Amaranth is a restaurant located in the west of the island and allows for a wonderful sunset view. Formentera is a close-by island which can be visited via a catamaran which can be rented out when in Ibiza.

7. Villas
Luxurious villas are the highlight of Ibiza. With a catalog of villas, Ibiza is a carefree holiday destination which ensures a relaxed environment. Also, a part of the catalog is the Finca cottages.

5 Reasons Why a Villa Makes Sense

1. Privacy
Booking your own villa for rent can provide you with a sense of privacy like no other. No need to worry about snoopy neighbors and pesky strangers. Enjoy the morning coffee on the patio, surprise a loved one over dinner or perform yoga in the garden. Gated villas are definitely safe.

2. Creative Freedom
The huge space in villas allows you to organize the d├ęcor and add your own style to the furniture, rooms, and garden. You can dedicate a room for gaming or chilling, the dining room can be converted into a library or use the trees in the backyard to build a tree house for the kids.

3. Serenity
A villa can get you away from the hustle and bustle of a city life. It is great to unwind at a cozy villa than anywhere else. No bickering neighbors or honking cars for miles. You can enjoy your personal space with friends and family with ease and convenience. Being close to nature helps in remaining peaceful. You can always walk around the rugged coastline through sparkling turquoise coastline.

4. Pets
Having booked your own villa in Ibiza, you can carry your sweet Golden Retriever or Persian cat with you. There are no societal rules or complaints from neighbors to bog you down. The extra space available in the villa can let you unleash your pets to go enjoy the freedom. You can also pursue your personal interests at the villa.

5. Lifestyle
You can modify the villa as per your required personal preferences. Whether you want to transform the villa into a secluded space, party pad or a cozy embrace with family, a villa can let you do all of that. You can set an agenda and prepare your own timetable. You can make your own breakfast and meals, plus always enjoying a cold beer. No need to be dependent on the smartphone, be part of nature’s best. At nights, there is nothing to worry walking along the beach or sidewalk, with clubs open through the night.


If you are “going to Ibiza” and “back to the island” like the famous 90’s song said, then go and do so in a large villa rental in Ibiza. If natures best does not get your creative juices flowing, you can always sip wine along the pool.


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