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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Here are Few Ideas to Look Refresh and Good Looking Even After a Long Day at Work

Article is presenting here the Few Ideas to Look Refresh and Good Looking Even After a Long Day at Work. These few ideas will help you getting these objectives of looking refresh.

Can't help looking shabby after work?

Look Refresh and Good Looking

Looking pretty at work is still manageable even if you have been up until late night. But after several stressful hours of grinding work, it seems almost impossible to look good and fresh after work. But what if you have an important meet-up planned right after office? What if it's a date and there's no way you can skip work or office hours?

Here's everything you need to know about how you can get bar-ready soon after work!

1. Deal with Tired-Looking Eyes

Don't let the eyes tell tales!

Reading through a stack of files and emails can leave its mark. Fatigue is hard to ignore when you have to deal with repeated eye movements. As a result, you notice puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.

Try the ice pack trick! Keep an ice pack or an ice cube and rub it under each of your eyes for a few seconds and dab it dry. This will help settle the puffiness. For dark circles, use a concealer that hides pigmentation and gives out a fresh look.

If you are leaving during the day and do not have time to conceal, put on a classy pair of shades and enjoy.

2. Leave Makeup for Later the Day

Wearing makeup throughout the day can make your skin dull after a few hours. Instead of touching up and creating unflattering layers of makeup, avoid wearing makeup during the daytime. If you have to put something, use a concealer and a lipstick.

Avoid using face makeup and keep it for later the day when you have to go out. Once you are ready to leave, moisturize your skin and apply all the makeup you like. Don't forget to refresh your lipstick and concealer!

3. Keep a Face-wash

Wash your face at least once during the day - even if that requires reapplying the makeup from scratch. Take a break and splash cold water on your face and use a suitable face-wash that leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh.

Just dab it dry with a tissue paper and reapply makeup if you have to. Don't forget to moisturize after washing your face.

4. Something for Bad Breath

Munching different snacks and drinking a few mugs of coffee during the day is bad news. It can cause bad breath and even yellowing of teeth. Instead of chewing gum, keep mouthwash instead. Not only it's great for killing odors but also for whitening teeth that's likely stained by coffee.

Fresh breath gives a fresh look to your face too.

5. Apply Great Fragrance

Freshen up after a tiring office day with some great fragrance. This is one thing that makes you feel good about yourself. So after you have washed your face and re-touched your makeup, a nice fragrance is all you need to feel and appear fresh.

6. Sharpen the Eyes

If you love doing different eye looks, try to refresh that before you leave work. Step out with a fresh looking eyeliner and mascara. The liner and eye-shadow smudge during the day while your lashes appear clumpy because of mascara.

To keep your eyes looking clean and sharp, retouch your eyes and apply some eye cream before you ready to apply makeup if you need.

Add some shimmer to your eyes in the evening can also make you appear nice and pretty. Add some shimmer to the matte shades and let it do the magic.

7. Fix your Hair

This does not call for a hairstyle or a high bun. Messy is sexy, remember?

Just keep some spray handy that helps you manage your hair. Any mist that adds some volume and definition to your hair works great. Give a fresh look to your office-tired hair and fix your hair before you are ready to go out.

Tie them up or simply brush and style them again. Clean and properly brushed hair gives out a fresh, clean look.

8. Keep a Compact Kit

Greasy skin is another sign of tired, dull skin. Make sure your little emergency kit includes some blotting papers and non-greasy moisturizers to help your skin appear fresh. Other items that this tiny bag can hold includes clear polish, earrings backs, hairspray, a few pins, and anything that can make you look disaster-proof.

Final Word

Stress is the number one factor that can take the freshness away from your skin. Make sure you practice easy stress-relief techniques and sleep well. Organize your day and plan your work to avoid stress. Keep your bag of essentials close and don't forget to wash your face at least once during the day.

Look Refresh & Good Looking

Let your skin breath by avoiding layers of makeup and keeping yourself hydrated. And last, don't forget to touch up once you are ready to go out!

Author Bio:

Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on healthy lifestyle, fitness, fashion, 101 and DIY related topics. Follow @judyrobinson for more updates.


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