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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

5 Health Apps You Should Have When Traveling Online

Discussion is all about 5 Health Apps You Should Have When Traveling Online. This will help you monitoring your health status quickly.

We all know about apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype - that help us connect with our loved ones. However, we barely know anything about health and fitness apps that could help us improve our health.

5 Health Apps Online

Setting weight loss and fitness goals have always been the most popular resolutions every year, and this year it was no different. However, the focus this time was to improve health, not shed extra weight to look better. People now understand the significance of keeping up with optimal health.

Seeing that diversion in people's approach to health, technology giants such as Google, Amazon, and even Apple have taken a serious step towards redefining healthcare sector. It is no surprise that today we have tons of health and fitness apps at our fingertips.

Whether you are an Apple user or prefer Android phones, there's something for everyone. From applications that help you track your fitness and calorie count to virtual gym instructors and even telemedicine, the choices are unlimited.

So we have compiled the top five health apps you should have on your phone especially if you are traveling.

1. Happify

The app was created in 2012 by Tomer Ben-Kiki, Andy Parsons, and OferLeidner - the three entrepreneurs who believed technology could make people's life and health better. The application is based on a 21st-century approach to help people lead a happy, healthy life.

Happify's vision is to utilize innovative tech and science to empower individuals to lead better, healthier lives. Happy is healthy - and that's the ultimate goal of this app. The app uses logical stratagems created by Psychology specialists to help individuals become positive, healthy, and happy.

The use is simple. Just download the app and select one of the few tracks based on what your specific health-related goals are. For instance, some tracks help reduce stress, conquer negative thoughts, and even assist individuals with relationship problems.

Once the track is selected, the application will offer you activities, mind games, and tasks to complete every day. This will not only help you with your outlook on life but also give you the required tools that enable you to lead a happy, healthy life.

2. Fooducate

As the name suggests, Fooducate is a simple app that educates you more about the food you eat. The free smartphone app was created by Hemi Weingarten to help people understand their food well to make smart choices when they are eating.

This is quite an important app to have, especially when you are traveling. You are not always sure about the calorie count or nutritional benefits of the food available to you. This incredible app can be employed at home or at the market to make healthy food choices.

Fooducate helps people with grocery shopping by giving insights on food that are good for you and foods that are not. Scan the barcode on the product and the app will find information from a database with over 250,000 food items.

Other than scanning the barcodes, you can also select categories and look for products on top of the list based on their calorie count, sugar content, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and more. Use this information to make better food choices regardless of where you are.

3. Calm

Lack of mindfulness is a major reason most people suffer different health problems and mental issues. To incorporate more mindfulness into your life this year and reap all of its amazing health benefits, you need 'Calm.'

This wonderful application is all about meditation and ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. The app introduces meditation, which is beneficial for beginners, who can start off with '7 Days of Calm' series.

The app also includes various types of guided meditations to match your specific needs - such as bringing more positivity in your life, reducing depression and anxiety. You can download the app for free and enjoy the free version or subscribe for $3.33 and access the wide variety of guided meditations and other comprehensive programs to bring back peace in your life.

If you suffer travel anxiety, this app can be beneficial for you.

4. My Fitness Pal

This fitness app needs no introduction. It is a standout amongst the most popular health apps. In fact, it's a fantastic app to keep your diet and health in check. My Fitness Pal includes a massive database of food items and their information.

You can track everything you eat, the number of calories and nutritional benefits. Calorie counting is its most reliable and useful function out of all. It can also integrate tons of other health and fitness apps.

The app takes your individual information to draft a customized calorie plan for you, which includes exercise programs, statistics, and community that encourages you with your goal. Subscribe to the app at $9.99/month to make the most of the features offered.

5. MD Live

There's nothing better than having a board-certified doctor to assist you on the go. MDLive is an amazing app that offers you medical service at your location. It's the fastest and most convenient way to connect with a doctor and seek medical advice.

This is helpful for people who are traveling because the doctors are available 24 hours a day. If you cannot go to the doctor in the respective city/country, communicate with your online doctor and address concerns like fever, depression, headache, ear infection, flu and cold.


Mobile health apps are making life more convenient. The good news is you can also find HIPAA compliant telemedicine apps. Download the app and enjoy the extensive array of amazing health benefits they offer. Regardless of whether you are looking for weight reduction, general fitness, or looking to connect with a doctor for medical advice, all of this is now possible with just a few clicks. So download your favorite health apps now and set for a convenient, stress-free journey.

Author Bio:

Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics. Follow @judyrobinson for more updates.


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