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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Stay Fit and Healthy Abroad

Stay Fit and Healthy Abroad

Staying alone and studying abroad needs some extra efforts other than just money and the pressure of performance. Staying healthy and fit is even necessary when you are away from your family.

Staying healthy and fit, while you are studying abroad is difficult as you are wholly and solely responsible for yourself.
Stay Fit
Starting from cooking to washing clothes to cleaning your place; everything is on you. Hence, it becomes mighty strenuous to look after your health in betwixt all the work. 

It is requisite to keep yourself fit and fine with the busy schedule in the background. However, there are ways in which you can stay fit and healthy; a few of them are listed below.

1. Time Management

Time management
Time management is necessary when you have a packed schedule. It helps you in balancing all your tasks throughout the whole day.

You must take out time for exercise, yoga, self- assessment, etc. Time management will benefit you from keeping yourself calm and composed the entire day.

Make a schedule from the start of the day and maintain the schedule. You will find that you are able to manage your studies, health, and mind properly.

2. Work Out When You Can

To stay healthy and fit, it is required to work out every day or thrice in a weak as per your convenience. Whenever you get time in the morning or in evening, try working out.

Workout out will help you sweat and will increase your appetite. It will keep you in shape and will also increase your energy level.

Make exercise a part of your daily life. Make a routine for yourself and stick to the routine, so you can check your improvement.

Give at least 30 minutes to workout daily; you can work out by watching videos on internet or by watching TV shows.

3. Run

Running is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, increases your metabolism, and decreases weight at the same time.

Running builds stronger bones and burns calories. Running even help in the prevention of diseases.

Running keeps you fresh, and it even relieves stress. It increases enthusiasm and keeps it all day long. It helps you to get rid from any depression.

Running will help you to make new friends and explore new areas abroad.

4. Walk When You Can

Walking is another way of keeping yourself healthy and fit. Walking for an hour at 2.5 mph will burn 200 calories. Walking as much as you can, and you will notice the difference within few days.

Staying abroad will give you plenty of chances of walking along the road. Take the advantage of the beautiful day in a foreign city; don’t take the subway, walk through the roads.

If you are not comfortable or running short of time, then you can even opt for biking. It is as beneficial as walking or running.

5. Join a Club or Team

Joining a club or an exercising team will boost your energy to work out or exercise daily. Sometimes it becomes boredom or monotonous to do exercise alone. 

Hence, joining a team will keep your spirit up. You will be able to meet new people and be friends with them. In abroad you will hardly know people, so this can help you reduce your loneliness. 

Teamwork and sports are a great way of breaking the language and culture barrier in a new country with new culture and different language. 

Joining a club or a team will help you with assisted strength-training exercises where you can also pick up a lot of new forms from your team mates benefitting you in the long run. 

6. Cook for Yourself

Cook for Yourself
‘Edo, Ergo Sum’ it means I eat, therefore I am.

It is important, and a necessity of life is to eat food and stay healthy. When you are staying away from your family especially, you must cook your food and eat.

While you are staying abroad, it will be difficult to stay at home and eat your regular food, as it will be difficult for you to behold yourself from trying new cuisines abroad.

Remember that you will stay in your host country for quite a long time and you will get numerous chances to enjoy the food in your host country so have patience and follow a proper diet.

Eating outside will even be expensive and unhealthy as well. Therefore, cooking for yourself will balance it up and help you lead a healthy and fit life in abroad.


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