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Friday, April 6, 2018

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How Professional Year Program Structured as Pre-Job Training Program

How Professional Year Program Structured as Pre-Job Training Program.

Professional Year Program
Professional Year Program is a structured “Pre-Job Training Program” approved by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. It covers three professional streams namely; Accounting (SMIPA), Engineering and Information Technology (IT). The DHA approves and gives recognition to the service providers in Australia for different locations in Australia, such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and Darwin. Professional Year Program is one of the service providers.

In order to equalize the fees structure the DHA prescribes different ranges of professional year program fees for different streams of training. The duration for all the three streams of programs is 44 weeks or 12 months. According, the service provider break it down to enrolment, application fee, tuition fees, study materials, installments with payment due for payment, administration fee, internship fee refund.

Internship Fees

In case a student is working in the related field of training, he/she can use his/her company for internship. But before that, the student must discuss with the service provider and get the requisite approval. In that case, the student may not be required to pay the internship constituent of the total professional year programs fees.

Fee Ranges of Professional Year Program

Professional Year Program has an indication of the ranges of fees for different streams of programs;

1. Accounting (SMIPA): $6000 to $13,000
2. Engineering : $15,000 to $15,500
3. Information Technology: $15,200 to $15,500

The fees are inclusive of GST

A student having outstanding debts is not eligible to pay professional year program fees.

Terms and Mode of Payment

If eligible for enrolment with Professional Year, a student can pay the professional year program fees in any of the modes such as Credit Card, Bank Draft, Net bank Transfer, Telex Transfer

Admission and material fees are not refundable. Students cannot commence or continue their course until all outstanding fees have been paid. All fees are to be paid in Australian Dollar (AUD) and will be automatically charged to the nominated Credit Card or Bank Account which has been held on file for payment of professional year program fees.

Payment of monthly payment is allowed on completion of the student loan-Deferred Payment Plan of Debit authority form.

The 1st installment of the monthly tuition fees is due 5 days prior to the commencement of the course. However, subsequent installments will be deducted after every four weeks. In case a student does not pass in the online component, the additional fees for re-enrollment will be borne by the student.

In the event any scheduled payment is dishonored, the student has to bear an addition administrative charge of $50

In case of any manual processing of payments that are processed outside of the direct debit arrangement the student has to bear an additional administrative fee.

Refund Policy

The total amount of the professional year program fees will be refunded if Professional Year (PYP) is unable to offer the course or where PYP refuses the applicant for enrollment. In case a student has made a full upfront payment of professional year program fees, PYP will refund full or part of the tuition fees upon notice of cancellation by the applicant. The amount of refund will be determined by the timing of the receipt of the written notice from the applicant as shown below;

1. More than 14 days before the course starts: Full amount of tuition fees pad 
2. Less than 14 days before the course starts: 75% of the tuition fees paid 
3. After the commencement of the fees and within 10 weeks after the publication of the course commencement date: 50% of tuition fees paid
4. More than 10 weeks subsequent to such publication: No Refund. However, those who have completed 10 weeks and withdrawn are still liable for the full tuition fees.


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