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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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5 Tips: Clean your Kitchen While Cooking

5 Tips for Cleaning your Kitchen While Cooking.

For obvious reason, you'd love you serve your family with a fresh and delicious dinner this evening. But what if the tough task, known as the cluster of dirty utensils, awaits when you are so tired. Being the only responsible person, you not only have to prep and cook the meal, but also you need to clean up afterwards.

It's, of course, a ton to deal with. So just don’t worry about how long cleaning up might take! We've come up with some useful tips on keeping your kitchen clean while cooking. So let's dive in;

Starting Clean and Fresh

While cooking, it’s imperative for you to start with a clean sink and an empty dishwasher. That way, it gets easier for you to rinse dishes or maybe load then in the dishwasher while things are baking or bubbling or simmering away. If you aren’t careful about these things, there is mount dish more to deal with at the end of the cook-off.

Garbage Bins Closer

We obviously make the mess not only with pots and pans while cooking, but also with the ingredients. So just make sure to keep the garbage bin right on the counter. This way, whenever you‘re done chopping or cutting anything, you can dump all the waste right from you cutting to the compost bin. So that you won’t have to deal with a big pile up of things by the end of your cooking experience.

Splatter Guard

It’s not just about have all the beautiful stuff in the kitchen. Functionality should be the very first priority. Splatter guard might not be the most beautiful item, but it's very functional. While frying something, you want to stop splashing up all the oil spill around. In that case, you should go for using the splatter guard as it covers off making sure that splatters don't go any further than its mesh.

Cleaning While Cooking

Once you have put up everything in the over or maybe on the stove top, it’s the great time for you to get all your cleaning done. If you're using your time efficiently, you can use that time to do a little bit of clean up. It can be anything from loading up the remainder of your dishes, wiping the counters down, getting any of those grease splatters off, etc.

This way, you will also reduce the amount of scrubbing that you have to do. Because when you let things cool, they're much more difficult to clean. So the fresher the stain or the spill is, the easier it is to clean.


In case you’re are very much a fan of pretreating, it’s time to get familiar with this --- or befriend it in fact. This is truly an amazing thing to do as it makes the cleanup so much easier for you. Here’ the best way out; just make a solution of 2 cups water a teaspoon of dish soap. 

Use that to pretreat all your utensils being used for cooking as soon as it is cooled off. When it cools off, just give it the quick sprits with that solution and let it soak. If you find something stubborn, you can try sprinkling a little bit of baking soda just like the professional maids in Dubai do. This will help provide that extra abrasion you need to clean those stains up.


Do you want to learn about some amazing tips to clean kitchen while cooking? Just check out the article now.


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