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Saturday, April 28, 2018


9 Styles of Writing Unique, Funny and Witty Love Quotes for Boyfriend

Here we are discussing 9 easy Styles of Writing Unique, Funny and Witty Love Quotes for Boyfriend

Love is a feeling that every living creature on this planet experience and share with others. However, talking about humans they have various ways to express love out of which one is through love quotes. Love quotes are an amalgamation of different feelings coming together in your mind such as love, joy, happiness, sorrow, etc. They are a perfect way to tell someone how and what you feel and how much a person means to you.

However not every love quote will make you go crazy as some of them may not be what you are looking forward to and may also lack the feel that it should be there in any love quote. Love quotes for boyfriend and girlfriend are sometimes different and can be same sometimes. If you too are looking forward to knowing how to write some of the amazing love quotes for your boyfriend then this article will be very helpful to you.

Love Quotes for Boyfriend

Smart Ways to Write Love Quotes for Boyfriend

There are various ways of writing love quotes for boyfriend which will include love, fun, wit, and other emotions so that it can be something awesome and you can express yourself. Here we will discuss 9 styles of writing unique, funny and witty love quotes that will make your loved ones go crazy. Below are those writing styles which one can follow in order to get the right quote for their loved ones:

Expository: In this style of writing, the writer explains or informs something or talks something about a subject without giving any opinion on the subject. In this style of writing, you can take the subject as your loved ones and you can talk about them without giving your opinion. This way the quote that will be formed will be simply about the qualities of the person irrespective of what you think.

Descriptive: in this style of writing, the writer mainly focuses on the details of any character, event or place and writes everything in detail. The main purpose of this style of writing is to describe one’s feeling to the utmost extent. It is more poetic in nature and used particularly for poetic writing.

Persuasive: This is a smart way of writing love quotes when you and your loved ones are going through a rough patch. If you think that you are not at fault and want your partner to agree to your points then you can use this style of writing for framing love quotes and then you can send them straight away.

Narrative: When you are a storyteller, this style of writing will be very useful for you. You can take some characters and dialogues and make some amazing love quotes for your boyfriend. The subject can be your love life and the characters can be you and your boyfriend.

Poetic: Using a different figure of speech and ornaments while writing with a poetic tone can also be your savior for writing witty and unique love quotes.

Satirical: Adding some fun and humour to your love life is all that keeps it amazing with a tinge of fun and lots of love. If you are more on the funny bones then you can always go for this kind of writing style where you can write fun filled humorous love quotes for your boyfriend and he will simply be rolling on the floor laughing.

Literary: Sometimes you can make unique love quotes with the help of some beautiful literary words such as from the Shakespearean era. Those words are just so complete that you don’t have to think much and you can get some nice love quotes using them.

Comparative: It is true that one should not compare their loved ones with others because everyone has their own way of loving. However, you can always compare them with the beauty of nature and can use some beautiful comparisons with the help of metaphors and personifications that will help you to get some nice love quotes. For example: Like a dew drop on a lotus, you are in my life.

Romantic: Romance is a must in your love life. Put all the love in the quotes using all romantic and love filled words and you can make it all sugary that is filled with love and affection to tell the person how much you love.

The above-mentioned writing styles are used for a long time by writers and poets to writing mind blowing and heart melting love quotes that are read by many. Using any of the above-mentioned styles of writing you can easily frame some amazing love quotes for your boyfriend and can make them go head over heels all over again with you. The love quotes that you will make will be new and fresh and your boyfriend also will be reading them for the first time which will make them think of you.

Getting some amazing love quotes for a boyfriend is easy if you search the internet but you can make it more touchy and emotional if you are framing or writing the love quotes yourself. It will not only make the person feel special but will also strengthen your relationship and will make it more loving and affectionate than before. So, choose any of the styles and you can easily express your feelings the way you want.


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