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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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Learning to Play Piano on a Keyboard – Is it Practical?

Is it Practical to Learn to Playing Piano on a Keyboard ?

Learning to Play Piano
The most common question asked by parents and students alike with respect to piano classes is whether a keyboard is sufficient for learning. In most cases, experts give consent to buying an electric keyboard as an alternative for the actual acoustic piano. However, a detailed analysis into the plans of student for piano lessons, the type of keyboard you possess and much more will offer an accurate answer.

Features of Keyboard

All keyboards are not created equally. Hence, you are looking forward to taking keyboard lessons; test it well to make sure it works.

Touch Sensitive

Know if the keyboard you plan to use is “touch sensitive”. Pressing down a key harder with these keyboards will produce louder the sound will be. In case, you already possess a keyboard, press one of the keys softly and follow it up with harder pressing. See if it makes a louder yet softer sound. If it does, then your keyboard is touch sensitive. This is a good choice.

Full Size Keyboard

A standard piano comprises of 88 keys – 36 keys are black and 52 are white. On the other hand, electric keyboards are available in many different sizes. These are mainly equipped with the following number of keys:

- 44 keys
- 61 keys
- 76 keys
- 88 keys

Experts usually recommend a keyboard with 88 keys. For those who never had any lessons before can start with a keyboard with 61 keys.

Key Weight

You must understand the way an acoustic piano functions. This will help you know about the significance of weighted keys. When pressing a key on an acoustic piano, you are actually moving a mechanism that facilitates moving of a hammer for hitting metal string.

Once you press a key, you will feel weight to the key. Weight is significant as it provides you with ample control over playing a note softly or loudly and everywhere in between. Professional pianists and the best players across the globe spend good amount of time making sure if they can work using this weight for create attractive sound at the piano.

The weight feeling is not present in an electric keyboard. This is because you aren’t moving hammer while pressing a key. Whenever you play a key on a keyboard, it simply informs about the software in the keyboard. This is an instruction to play a recording of a note. This make for a noticeable flaw to electric keyboards. Presently, companies manufacturing electric keyboards have come up a brand new solution referred to as “weighted keys”.

Most keyboards come with weighted keys attempts for artificially replicate the actual feel of a real acoustic piano. There are two ways:

- Very well done
- Poorly done

This entirely depends on the keyboard. It is not a requirement for piano lessons. This is a crucial factor when considering a keyboard.

Real Piano - Why Get One?

The feel is different. Although the highest quality keyboards can mimic pianos really well, however, those are available for a cost of an acoustic piano. Experts usually suggest buying the real thing as soon as a student finishes off the beginner level.

All pianos are not created equal. For instance, a grand piano has many benefits over upright pianos. This is similar to the fact that upright pianos having benefits over standard keyboards.

Hiring piano at a community, getting permission from a church, or practicing it at a friend’s place will let you save money. Many private music shops that allow practice rooms for children at a very nominal price. Piano classes are definitely a good place to ask for additional time to practice on the instrument.

In a Nutshell

In case, you are a beginner, or an intermediate learner, the type of piano must not thwart your spirits from taking lessons. Not having a real piano will not make you miss a lot of crucial things. On the other hand, when you reach at an advanced level, it is crucial to start upgrading yourself. You can find some place that helps you practice notes on the real instruments. You may hire one, visit a friend’s house or play it at a church. Buying one is also a good decision. Get into a detailed research before you do so.


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