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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Latest Trend of SMS Marketing To Watch In 2018

Discussion is all about the newest Trends of SMS Marketing around the world. How it will go this year and what will be the successful ways to do it.

If you own a business or firm, your marketing team need to be very updated with the recent marketing trends in the market. The market keeps introducing new trends every other day and you need to pick up the speed to run parallel to them. For ensuring the good promotion of their product/ services, marketers keep a close watch on the comfort and interest of their customers. One such tool of marketing is SMS, which is considered to be the easiest way to reach a wider pool of customers and to get noticed by them. 

With India getting digitalized at a faster pace, the general public is getting accustomed to marketing through social media and digital platforms but they are also getting smarter with their choices. Looking at this, marketers too need to be unique in their approach. Suppose you run a start-up firm in Delhi and you choose to do SMS marketing in Gurgaon to target more audience, it is important that you provide a content to your customers which is unique to your identity and not something which
every other company seems to provide through SMS marketing. With SMS marketing getting humongous popularity in India, you certainly need to know the trends that are being adopted for it in 2018

Personalisation of Content

Let your customers know how much they matter to you. Being different from the social platform in many ways, SMS marketing gives you a chance to create a bond with your customers. Many people tend to avoid your SMS promotions because they couldn’t find its relevance to their needs. Marketers need to target the right audience and then strengthen their customer relationships by informing about relevant events and connecting to them on special occasions. So correct usage of data is the key to efficient SMS marketing. This practice is being followed in most of the companies today.

Feedback Sessions Via SMS

So your company launched a new product and now you want to connect with your customers to get an honest feedback? When you conduct a poll vis SMS, you tend to get more honest and unprompted feedback as compared to other digital platforms, where the surveys are conducted publicly. In 2018, firms might use most of it to figure out the loopholes in their product/service and come back with modification. This will create a customer-centric image of the firm, which will again be an add-on for them.

Automation Of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can reach greater heights in the coming years through the current automationboom. Automation is helping the firms to track the preferences, Interests and buying behaviors of the customers and hence they can target the right set of audience at the suitable time frame. When the target audience is right, there are greater chances of sales. Doesn’t it help your company to channelize its marketing effort in the right direction?

Rewards To Subscribers

Apart from generating new customers, it is also necessary to engage the existing one. Companies these days offer some benefits to their SMS subscribers. Thisestablishes a trust relationship between subscribers and the firm. So when next time there will be a new product launch, your subscribers might be interested, knowing they can get some special benefits. In the future too, marketers should use this strategy to keep the engagement, through SMS marketing high.

More Traffic To Your Website

Gone are the times when text messages were limited to words. With the booming technology, companies do attract more customers through providing their website links in the text message. Customers tend to check the websites and purchase a product/service if it remains relevant to their current needs. This is the smart way to convert the target audience into clients.

Integration of SMS With Other Media Channels

In a digitalized country like India, this is a must-do for all the firms. When you integrate all the marketing channel with each other, you ensure a greater customer engagement. People mostly tend to avoid promotional e-mails, so even if you are lagging here, you know you can reach your customer easily through SMS marketing. 

With other digital platforms creating a stage for themselves, SMS marketing to is getting upgraded with new and creative features. SMS marketing will always be a first choice of the customers since it provides them with an offline experience. Customers don’t want to rely solely on social media. They do believe in personalized touch. With India moving towards digitalization, marketers need to give some edge to the SMS marketing, that will make it stand out from the other marketing channels. 

Whether you are doing SMS marketing in Gurgaon or a small town in India, you need to ensure you are targetting right people, you need to be more reachable for your subscribers by providing them direct website links or contact details to address their queries. A smart SMS marketing can assure your firm really high conversion rates. 


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