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Thursday, April 12, 2018


How to Sell Your iPhone: When, Where and What You Need to Know

How to Sell Your iPhone: When, Where and What You Need to Know. This will guide you in whole process of selling your iPhone.

Selling your iPhone
Apple iPhones are known for their sleek design and many revolutionary features that make them one-of-a-kind smart Phones. They are also known for their durability that ensures the users get great mileage out of their iPhone devices; however, even such devices slow down, requiring an upgrade at a certain point of life. Well, as an iPhone user, if you are opting to make that upgrade, what would you do with the old iPhone that you still have? One of the smartest things to do is to sell your iPhone and make a nice chunk of change that you can utilize towards the purchase of your new handset.

Selling your iPhone is the easy bit but turning your phone into the greatest amount of cash is the main task. Therefore, you need to take into consideration the model and condition of your iPhone when you get quotes for your cash and be sure that the quote you get is an accurate quote based upon your personal research, not just a random quote you see somewhere on the site. Before explaining how you can get the maximum value for your iPhone, you need to know why and when you think about selling your iPhone. So, continue to read this article!

Why Sell an Apple iPhone?

It is an obvious question that comes to mind while you thinking of turning off your iPhone into cash.There are 2 main reasons that appeal iPhone users to sell their handsets. Take a look at them! 
  1. It is a truth that disposing of old phones in trash bins possesses a threat to the environment. Like some other types of phones, Apple iPhones contain harmful chemicals such as lead, chromium, mercury which are dangerous not only to human’s health but also for other living things on the planet if they are left to rot in landfills. So, you sure can do that there is a much better alternative to getting rid of your old phones and that is selling them for cash. By doing this, you don’t just get back a portion of the money you spent to buy for it but you are also taking a part in promoting a green environment.
  2. It isa good idea to sell iPhone because an old used iPhone is worth some money. Apple iPhones are made up of expensive materials such as nickel, copper, plastic and even gold that can be recycled.So, don’t put them in cupboards/drawers for getting depreciated. Prefer to exchange it for cash!
I am sure these great reasons will definitely convince you for selling your iPhone for cash. Hence, it is important to know when you should sell your iPhone.

What Is the Best Time When You Should Sell Your iPhone?

It is also an important question that needs to be answered. Have a look at what is the best time when you should consider selling an iPhone!

As mobile technology is changing at such at fast rate, every year one or two new versions of iPhone are released to excite people. Well, the fact is that when a new model comes into existence, it minimizes the value of older iPhone models. So, it’s the best time to sell old handset for cash. Recently iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X have been entered in the world of mobile technology and people are craving for them. If you are also a big iPhone fan then you should think about turning your old phone into cash so that you can invest it in your new iPhone.

Another situation when you should consider selling iPhone is that when your iPhone stops working or gets damaged. Most of the people ignore slight damages found on their iPhones and continue to use them without any repair which is not a favorable thing. A minor fault or small damage can end up the life of an iPhone very soon. So, it’s recommended that you should think about selling your broken phone, as it has still some worth and it can draw a nice amount of money for you.

Where to Sell iPhone in the UK?

So you have planned to sell iPhone for cash instead of discarding it in a garbage tin. It is absolutely a wise decision to make as it helps you earn some great amount in return as well as you save the environment from air and water pollution.

Hence, now the question is that where should you sell your iPhone in the UK? The answer is pretty simple i.e. mobile phone recycling companies. They are prepared to buy a complete range of models and makes of unwanted and old mobile phones including Apple iPhones and they are well known for their professional, friendly and yet effective mobile phone recycling services. They pay a lot for iPhones, depending on their particular specs as well as internal attributes, for example, processor chip, RAM, and other related features. The price tag on the iPhone can also change depending on condition either it’s working, faulty, or damaged one.

To benefit from their mobile recycling services, simply log on to a reputable recycling website where you will be able to receive an accurate quote for the value of the old iPhone you want to sell, all models are accepted. Once you have your quote, just proceed to complete the forms and they will send to you a free postage so that you can pack up your device and send it off to achieve your goal.

With this simple process, you receive a good cash payment for selling your old iPhone. Hence, it is quite mandatory to search for a right mobile phone recycling company if you want to make your iPhone selling lucrative and trouble-free.

How to Look For a Right Mobile Phone Recycling Website?

Though mobile phone recycling is a great way to sell an iPhone, there are a large number of recycling websites offering different prices for iPhones. So, you need to find out the one that can pay you the highest price without any hidden charges. To make this possible, you should browse a phone recycling comparison website. Only a comparison website helps you look for a top-paying recycling website in a very short time.

Using advanced price comparison technique, such recycling comparison websites have made mobile recycling easier than ever before. All you need to search for your iPhone model on a comparison website. When you start searching, the comparison tool functions like a search engine and compares the prices offered by many top recycling websites so that you can get the best possible price with a single click. After this, you can easily choose the topmost deal that will give you a chance to fetch the most money in return.

In conclusion, this is the best quick guide you need to follow if you are going to sell your iPhone right now.


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