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Friday, April 20, 2018

Health Awareness To Archive Of Chemical Exposure: Wristband Is More Than Fashion

Wristbands are now More Than just Fashion. They are now used as awareness like Health Awareness To Archive Of Chemical Exposure.

Health Awareness Wristband

A few years ago, the yellow silicon bracelets by Livestrong started a new wave of wristbands. After that, the advanced technology turned these wrist accessories into a cool fashion wear. With the time, these Rubber Bracelets become more than just a fashionable item. Today, various types of colorful customized wristbands are used to promote a cause, raise funds, or make a brand popular.

However, bracelets aren't new to the humanity. While digging deeper into the human history, we notice that ancient humans wore bracelets as a symbol of strength and power. In addition to the material, their values have changed in the modern world. 

As the modern rubber bracelet come in a plenty of colors and with an option of customization, people have started using them for many purposes. Non-profit organizations use these customized items to spread awareness about a cause, while businesses are making use of them to promote their products. Youngsters wear them as a fashion accessory. But wristbands are more than that. How?

Wristbands For Health Awareness

These bracelets can be customized to turn them into a source to spread awareness. For example, many non-government organizations are personalizing pink wristbands to make people aware of breast cancer. A powerful message or a clip art can be engraved on it to spread the word in a powerful way. Red-colored ones can be distributed to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, while yellow bands can be worn as a part of a bone cancer awareness campaign.

Hospitals, doctors, and dentists also find these Customized Silicon Wristbands an effective source to make patients aware of different health conditions. They distribute personalized silicon bracelets to remind people about their health.

Wristbands To Record Chemical Exposure

Just when you think the inexpensive, colorful wears are just appealing accessories, they served as a chemical detector. Earlier, the Environmental Science and Technologies featured a study whose researchers claim that silicon rubber bracelets are capable of sucking lots of chemicals we are exposed to every day. Kim Anderson, the lead researcher of the study from the Oregon State University, said that these bracelets helped them to know about 50 chemicals people are exposed to daily. It is because these accessories are made of silicon, which is porous and behaves like human cells. These bracelets absorb the chemicals and do not let them go.

Seeing the results of Kim's study, many other researchers started using these bands to conduct experiments.

Wristbands For Motivation

Wristbands can help overcome negative thoughts. You can design one of your choice and engrave a positive thought on it. Whenever you feel low or anxious, the quote on the gear will charge you up. It's not a magical healing tool, but it can help you stay positive in your life.


Silicon bracelets serve different purposes. Different people will have different reasons to wear them around their wrists. But all of them get something in return from these bands. All they need to do is find a right online store where they can customize a wristband which suits them.


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