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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Grow Taller with these 5 Top Secret Yoga Exercises

The article is discussing 5 Top Secret Yoga Exercises through them you can grow taller and smarter.

Top Secret Yoga Exercises
Did you know yoga is very helpful in increasing height? Most people aren’t aware of the power of yoga. They are least aware of the secret that apart from genes, height growth also depends on one’s vertical bones and spinal cord which can be increased by practicing some of the effective yoga asanas.

Listed below are a few top secret yoga exercises and poses to help you grow taller by a few inches:

1. Dog and Cat Pose

This is a very powerful pose for increasing height as it emphasizes on stretching the cartilage disc by extending spines in different directions within the spinal column. Here’s how to perform the asana:

Step 1: Stand on knees and hand and place the hand just ahead of shoulders while the knees are placed with some place between them.

Step 2: Tilt pelvis up while inhaling and curve your back, and head moving upwards

Step 3: Stretch body gently. Now move to cat position by going into reverse.

Step 4: Let the pelvis come down while stomach and chest in.

Step 5: Repeat the movement smoothly as many times as you can.

2. Adhomukha Svanasana

This is the popular downward facing dog position widely famous for increasing flow of blood around face and neck. Apart from adding the much needed glow to the skin, it helps reduce stress and builds confidence. Stress is the number one factor that deters growth of body. Practicing this asana will help in reducing stress as far as possible and remove all obstacles you face while increasing height.

Step 1: Stand firm on hand and knees.

Step 2: Keep arms under legs and shoulders under hips.

Step 3: Palms should face ground and fingers must spread out well for ensuring proper grip.

Step 4: Inhale deep enough to sink stomach in.

Step 5: Lift knees from floor via adding support with toes and palm.

Step 6: Stretch your spine and legs to maximum and make sure tail bone points up and get inverted ‘V’ shape of body.

Step 7: Take around 5 breaths once you are in position.

3. Vrikshasana

Also known as Tree Pose, this is one of the yoga asanas to increase height that helps in enhancing and balancing calf muscles. Here’s how you can perform this exercise:

Step 1: Place feet together while stretching your hands in the iconic ‘Namaskar’ position over your head keeping spine erect.

Step 2: Lift your left leg up while bending on your knees and then place it on the right inner thigh. You must keep the left knees facing outward.

Step 3: You should breathe normally and repeat the pose using right legs

4. Chakrasana

The pose is quite popular for adding a few inches to your body as height. Also referred to as wheel pose, the asana helps a great deal in increasing height regardless of the age you are in. It also makes the body more flexible and imparts elasticity to spinal cord.

Step 1: Lie on your back and bend legs from knees and place it near the hip.

Step 2: Place palms on side of head, place fingers, and bend elbows to body.

Step 3: Raise body while inhaling and resting on feet and palms.

Step 4: Maintain this position for around a few seconds. Also increase the duration by taking normal breath.

5. Hastapadasana

This is the popular Hand to Foot Pose and very effective in height gain for those with shorter upper part.

Step 1: Stand straight with arms alongside with feet. Distribute body weight balance equally.

Step 2: Extend arms overhead while inhaling and then when you exhale, touch your feet.

Step 3: Maintain this position for around 30 seconds and breathe normally.

Step 4: The legs should not be bend. When exhaling chest must move towards the knees, lift hips, press heels down and your head must relax.

Step 5: Breathe deeply and bring arms to the side.

Apart from increasing your body height, these asanas will also help in keeping you fit, healthy and also boost your inner confidence. These asanas are meant for increasing height even after 25 years of age.


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