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Thursday, March 29, 2018


Top Entertainment News Search Domains in Contemporary Times

Top Entertainment News Search Domains in Contemporary Times

In a country that is currently rife with unending stress, anxieties, and momentary happiness, entertainment plays the role of a protagonist in bringing about some relief and is an escapade from the reality of the world. Though mostly exaggerated, people prefer browsing and reading through entertainment news, post a hectic day, to provide some relaxation to the bogged down mind. And, when we talk of entertainment news, there are more than a hundred search domains. But which ones are genuine and doesn’t include gibberish?

Here is a quick tour into few of the famous and popular entertainment news search domains of today’s life that you must know of:

Page 3

Page 3 takes you through the tabloid culture of our country and covers the latest parties, celebrity gossips, high-end metropolitan culture; featuring news of Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc. If you are on a lookout on who attended whose party and who drank till the brim, the previous night or the celebrity nuptial talks doing the rounds-you can prefer the search domain of page 3.


Televisions stay play host to all the hottest happenings in and around tinsel town. There exists many entertainment channels which talks about everything that is going around inside a posh celebrity’s life-including the juice she tried while on a vacation, the honeymoon destination that is up for talks by the would-be married couples, the price of the engagement rings worn by celebrity stars, the reason of smirk or a particularly heated discussion at a music launch party etc. Television is the prime go-getter domain to know all things news related to entertainment.

On air/radio

With everything staying at par to compete and rise, radio stations have recently taken to on-air shows, where they bring in and invite the celebrities to have a heart to heart. The audience pays rapt attention to it from all over the country and gets to know a brief insight into the respective celebrity’s life. The celebrity talks discusses and brings out the twists and incidents of his life that led him to become an actor/politician or even a singer. 


Facebook besides helping you to connect with old school friends also helps you to know all around the world in entertainment. By subscribing to few entertainment pages, you get regular updates on your favorite celebrities, their lifestyle, silver screen updates etc. There are many celebrities who own Facebook pages and gets them operated by their personal blogger. You can follow their pages to know about their daily routines. By simply logging into your Facebook profile, you get daily updates and a good dosage of entertainment every day, that too on your timeline. 

These were few of the top entertainment news search domain of contemporary news that you can turn to and trust for pure and a good dose of fun and cool entertainment-related news.


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