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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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Halle Berry Sexual Harassment

Halle Berry Sexual Harassment News.

Halle Berry

The dawn of the February saw the emergence of yet another case of sexual harassment in Hollywood. On 2nd February, The Washington Post released an article with the shocking news of not one but a total of nine women accusing Vincent Cirrincione of sexual harassment. What’s worse is that they were all women of color.

The same day after this news surfaced, Halle Berry took to Instagram to express her sentiments on the current situation. It seemed like she was hoping that the allegations had no solid foundation since she had known the accused for so long. However, the detailed graphic accounts of the sexual abuse these women suffered appeared to have opened her eyes to the sickening reality. Her post highlighted that she felt used by him herself. She said that she was “livid” that he had dared use her status to lure in unsuspecting women. 

Halle Berry was the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002 for her role in Monster’s Ball. Despite successful campaigns to generate equality for people of color, discrimination is extremely common. This is particularly evident in the film industry where white supremacy thrives. There are only a handful of celebrated people of color in Hollywood. Since women are forced to struggle harder in every aspect of life as compared to men, the film industry is no exception. Women of color face the worst kind of treatment there resulting in hardly any of them landing significant roles. Those who do manage to climb up the ladder somehow face extreme sexual harassment along the way. This is a well known fact which they often speak out against. However, powerful men are always ready to silence them. This is why their voices went unheard and their credibility was broken down in countless cases. It wasn’t until the Me Too movement started gaining attention again did people begin taking them more seriously. 

In October 2017, the hash tag #MeToo became a way for victims of sexual harassment and abuse to come forward with their stories on social media. Actress Alyssa Milano of Charmed fame encouraged others to stop hiding their pain and seek support with other survivors. The Me Too movement was initially founded for women of color by activist, Tarana Burke, in 2006. She sought to promote “empowerment through empathy” since the main issue survivors faced was a lack of empathy. Since #MeToo spread in late 2017, several Hollywood celebrities have shared their horrifying personal experiences. Stars who have lent their fame to the Me Too movement have proven to be a strong driving factor. It has made the public more comfortable in being honest about their harassment and abuse. The idea of #MeToo was to make people realize how big and severe the problem was. The movement is not limited to the USA. People from all over the world have given it a tremendous amount of support even going as far to create hash tags in their own language. French and Japanese women, in particular, have been quite vocal about it. 

Celebrities are not just making headlines for their courage to come forward with their stories of abuse but many are being criticized for being the abusers. Several big names have been revealed among the accusations leading to both internal and external investigations. Some have been suspended or fired from their jobs even when there wasn’t enough evidence to convict them in court. This shows just how strict organizations have become in dealing with sexual harassment and abuse. 

Vincent Cirrincione has reason to fear those who have accused him of sexual harassment which allegedly took placed over a course of two decades. According to The Washington Post, one Asian-American and eight African-American actresses claim that he took advantage of the state of minority women who wanted to gain entry into the entertainment industry. Vincent Cirrincione became a beacon of hope for countless minority actresses after his successful management of Halle Berry. She was a role model for them and they wished that he could work the same miracle for them. Many of these survivors have claimed that Cirrincione refused to work with them unless they agreed to grant him sexual favors. One of them claimed that he performed sexual acts in front of her during the time he managed her. 

The whole situation is despicable made worse by Vincent Cirrincione’s reaction to these accusations. He stated that he had never taken any kind of favors in exchange for representing his clients. He admitted to cheating while he was in committed relationships. However, he denied that any of his sexual relationships lacked consent. Cirrincione officially apologized to his employees, clients and partners for the negative impact these accusations had on them. He stressed that he had always thought of himself as a man supportive of women’s rights. 

Halle Berry does not seem to be willing to give her former manager an ounce of support which is having a big impact on the judgment of others. It is important to note that none of the nine women who accused Cirrincione of sexual harassment wish to take matters to court. Many made their claims anonymously to prevent their loved ones from suffering in any way. As reported by The Washington Post, some of the survivors still have friends who are being managed by him. 

There have been more than a hundred notable figures in the USA who have been accused of sexual harassment and assault since the Harvey Weinstein scandal erupted. Most of them have come as a shock to the public. Those who had contributed so much to their sectors had reached success while stepping on the basic rights of others. People are becoming increasingly aware and intolerant of such crimes. 

The powerful sentencing of Larry Nassar, a USA Gymnastics national team doctor, has exposed the rotten core of the system which is supposed to protect victims. As justice has been served, it has given hope to millions of survivors that they will receive it too.


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