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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


3 Points To Consider Before Getting Appliance Repair In Pflugerville

3 Points To Consider Before Getting Appliance Repair In Pflugerville. These are very key points to be taken into account.

Appliance Repair

Are you stuck with a refrigerator that has stopped working? Or are you looking at your dishwasher that’s leaking and ruining your day? Seems like you need an appliance repair, right? That was easy but before you hire an appliance repair service to fix the faulty appliance, do make sure that you’re weighing your options objectively. 

Check out the following 3 things to consider before getting appliance repair. 

Cost Of Repair

You need to know what the cost of the repair will be, right? When you’re looking for appliance repair in Pflugerville, make sure you ask the representatives about the cost of appliance repair. To get a basic idea about the cost of appliance repairs, check out the following list of national average figures;

• Refrigerator repair: $250 to $300
• Oven/Cooktop repair: $175
• Dishwasher repair: $100 to $200
• Washer/Dryer repair: $120 to $400

The cost of your appliance repair will greatly depend on what is wrong with your appliance. This will be used for determining the cost of parts and labor as well. Once you have the required information, then you need to decide if it’s worth investing that much amount in repair work or should you go for a new appliance. 

Remaining Service Life

Prior to investing in an appliance repair, do consider what the remaining service life of your appliance is. If you’ve been using a refrigerator for over 15 years (congratulations for making it this far), maybe it is time to invest in a new refrigerator that comes with a warranty that will cover the future cost of repairs. The average service life for mid-range appliances is given below to give you a basic idea;

• Refrigerator: 13 years
• Gas oven/Cooktop: 15 years
• Dishwasher: 9 years
• Washing machine: 10 years
• Dryer: 13 years

If the appliance in question has served its service life, we suggest you don’t invest in the repair work because there’s no guarantee that more repair work won’t pop up. Instead, invest in a new appliance. 

Ready to Get an Appliance Repair?

Whether you’re ready to get professional appliance repair in Pflugerville or want to get more information, get in touch with QRG Tech. It will provide you with a fair assessment of the situation and will guide you in detail about the feasibility of getting your appliance repaired or to go for a new appliance.


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