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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Samsung’s Best Budget Phone to Date - Grand Prime Pro

If you are looking for the most affordable phone with high features just go for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro.

Grand Prime Pro

Despite Apple’s superiority in the market, Samsung is a big competitor with its Android phones. Whether you prefer iOS or Android totally depends on you, of course. However, the strict updates of the former combined with its high phone prices tilts the odds in the favor of Samsung. Even though Samsung has taken a hit in recent years with controversies linked to the Korean presidential scandal, it has delivered quality gadgets within your budget like Galaxy Grand Prime Pro.

You can always trust Samsung to come up with interesting budget phones each year. There are several series within the Samsung range which are popular including Galaxy phones. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, in particular, sold very well. It was released in late 2014 so it had a long time since there’d been a promising new replacement. This year seems to be a lucky one for lovers of budget phone and Android fans since Samsung Grand Prime Pro is now available in stores.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime vs. Grand Prime Pro

The first question in any buyers mind would be, “What’s different about this one?” No matter how well a brand promotes the features and design of its new launch; users need solid convincing before handing over their money. Phone companies are constantly competing to incorporate the latest technology into their upcoming releases. You’ve probably read gadget reviews where one was rated lower than another simply because the former lacks a new technology. Fortunately, Samsung’s latest offering does not suffer from this issue. Users can confidently purchase the Galaxy Grand Prime Pro knowing that it’s the best out there within that price range.

Storage Capacity

People use their smartphones for several functions nowadays. This means that there are heavy apps installed that require lots of space. Not only do they need several MB for basic storage but the files produced via these apps also take up space. The Grand Prime Pro is very pleasing in this regard. It has 1.5GB RAM as opposed to the 1GB RAM of its predecessor. The microSD card of the new model can provide up to 256GB of storage while the expandable storage of the older one was only a mere 32GB.

Processor Ability

The Grand Prime Pro had problems with apps lagging, crashing and even the phone shutting down for no apparent reason. It also troubled users when it overheated. It couldn’t take much load on its RAM at any given time. There was also an issue of notification speed connected to this. Once you turned on your mobile data or Wi-Fi, the notifications would pour in at a snail’s pace and if you attempted to do anything, your phone would get stuck. This old model had a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. The new one boasts a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and does not suffer from any of the faults you faced with its predecessor. Everything flows quickly and smoothly.

Operating System

As you are probably aware, the OS version may contribute significantly when making the choice for a new phone. Some features just cannot work on an older version of the same OS. The Grand Prime Pro possesses the latest Nougat while the Grand Prime has Marshmallow. This means that you get the best of Android with the Grand Prime Pro. There’s even the coveted split-screen mode so you may multitask on your Grand Prime Pro during busy hours. It’s very easy to turn it on and off too. Nougat has excellent user experience. It’s simpler and more clutter-free than Marshmallow. Many would prefer Nougat over Marshmallow.

Display Quality

Most people enjoy watching videos, TV shows and movies on their smartphones. Several exciting games are available on Android as well. Mobile developers have tried to present the best possible visual characteristics with cutting edge techniques. The Grand Prime Pro has a Super Amoled Capacitive touch screen. You have to see to believe how amazing it looks in person. It really improves the user experience of those who seek entertainment form their smartphones. The Grand Prime didn’t have such display quality back in 2014.

Camera Features

Many rely on their smartphones to capture memories every day. While Samsung doesn’t produce the best cameras, users expect a certain standard for the price tag. Both phones have a main camera (8MP) and secondary camera (5MP) but the new model offers LED flash for selfies too. Now you can take bright and cool selfies even in bad lighting. Besides, little tweaks and fixes have upgraded the camera for optimum results.

Apart from these basic hardware and software characteristics, the Grand Prime Pro is superior for several reasons. The appearance of the Grand Prime Pro is a bit different from what you’ve come to expect from this series. The body has a more metallic look and seems more practical than that of its predecessor. Having a high shine body means that imperfections are less visible. Another great thing about the new model is that it is available in Black and Gold as well as Blue. Blue is a totally new color in the Samsung family and will intrigue many buyers. It’s a very laidback blue which looks more than silver with a hint of blue. It’s a decent shade that will appeal to people of every gender and personality.

If you consider the dimensions of both phones, they seem quite similar: 144.8 x 72.1 x 8.6 mm (Grand Prime) and 143.8 x 72.3 x 8.4 mm (Grand Prime Pro). Yet, the Grand Prime Pro just feels more comfortable in your hand. It is actually 3g lighter in weight as compared to the Grand Prime. That could be why it’s less tiring to carry it around or hold it for long periods of time. That’s right! Smartphones are not just for show. They are all about functionality and practicality. You need to think about your phone habits before you pick a new phone.

Lastly, let’s look at the price. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro is currently being sold for $173 while its predecessor is just $10 cheaper. The price tag seems pretty reasonable for a dual-SIM Nougat phone that has 8MP main camera, Super Amoled screen, 1.4GHz quad-core processor and all the latest features from Samsung.


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