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Friday, January 26, 2018

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The Reality of Depression

The Reality of Depression has been discussed is the article, we have shared those core facts; essentially needed to be known about it.

Reality of Depression

Before going in depth about reality of depression we want to share another story about it. Last month depression took another precious victim. On 18th December, 2017 police received a call from the sister of Kim Jonghyun about him contemplating suicide. Unfortunately, help reached him too late. He was discovered unconscious in a rented Seoul apartment and passed away on the way to the hospital. Attempts to revive him through oxygen therapy failed and he was pronounced dead that night. His funeral took place the next day with his fellow group members from SHINee as the chief mourners. He isn’t just mourned by his family, friends and fans but by the entire Kpop community around the world. They are determined that his death not be in vain so efforts are being made to highlight mental illness

Kim Jonghyun was just one of many bright lives extinguished by mental illness which is still considered taboo in several countries including South Korea. He was not just a musician but a social activist who tried hard to change the attitude of society towards depression. He was a kind loving soul who was involved in many organizations working to make the world a better place. He strived to make people understand the reality of depression that mental illness was just as severe as any other ailment. Many refuse to accept depression as an illness. Patients are told to “get over it” or “stop trying to seek attention”. Some suggestions include praying. A depressed individual needs professional help. There is no other solution.

These are some of the kinder responses. There is no shortage of apathy in the world. There are those who view seeking help as weak and pounce on the opportunity to bully the patient. They make fun of them and subject them to public ridicule. Physical abuse is not uncommon in such cases. This is the farthest thing from what a depressed individual needs. Even if the response is not bullying, there is a clear change in attitude. It’s ironic how the general public doesn’t consider mental illness a disease yet treats depressed people as if they have the plague. This hypocrisy is exactly what prevents help from reaching a depressed person that's the reason we are far from understanding the reality of depression.

The reality of depression is that most people don’t wish to associate themselves with a depressed individual causing them to be isolated. The minute they express their feelings in some way, society wants them to be quarantined. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The patient needs someone to hold their hand and lend them an ear to hear out their troubles. Depression makes them feel worthless and this emotion is heightened by the fact that no one wants to stay by their side. They start to believe every taunt thrown their way. They begin to lose interest in life and spend their days in extreme pain. Many patients have revealed that they wanted the pain to end so they decided to take their own lives. They see no other way out of the misery they’re in. 

In fact, the true reality of depression is that it can be perfectly manageable and curable. This makes the deaths of such patients even more heartbreaking. The thought that it could have been easily prevented fills any decent human being with shame. If only someone had listened when they were crying out for help, they would still be alive. This is why it’s so important to spread awareness about depression and educate the public about the warning signs.

Symptoms of Depression

You can make a difference by keeping a close eye on the people around you. Don’t feel shy about asking how someone is doing. You may gently nudge them to share the reason for their frown and offer to help in any way you can. Sometimes all they need to hear is that someone is there for them. Look out for the following warning signs of depression:

  • When someone isn’t taking joy in life and seems to be disinterested in everything, it’s not a good thing. Talk to them about it immediately. 
  • We all have bad days but feeling helpless and hopeless for long periods of time should ring warning bells in your head. 
  • There are many reasons for disturbances in sleep patterns. However, if there’s nothing medically wrong then sleeplessness maybe a symptom of depression. Increased hours of sleep can be just as bad. 
  • If the doctor has ruled out any illness associated with fatigue then the patient shouldn’t be experiencing constant fatigue. Recommend a good counselor to them. 
  • Take instant notice of abnormal eating habits. Loss of appetite or overeating is very bad for anyone. Some patients try to fill the emptiness inside with food. 
  • Make sure to offer encouragement to anyone you suspect has depression because it’s very easy for them to feel like they’ve failed at life. 
  • Patients are often lost in their own thoughts and don’t concentrate on the task at hand. They can be unusually quiet and withdrawn. 
  • Individuals with depression act a lot more lethargic. It’s not that they’re lazy but for the reasons explained above. A mentally healthy person is active and interested in life. 
  • Since patients are isolated, it may be hard to notice any attempts at self harm but be alert for any injuries that they cannot explain honestly. They shouldn’t be obsessed with dying in any way. Death should not feel like a release to them. 

Be mindful of the fact that some patients are very intelligent and can hide their depression. They might be discouraged by a negative reaction before or just feel like they’re beyond help. Some are just good actors so you might miss the signs completely. Rely on your instincts and knowledge of that person to identify these hidden signs. They might be embarrassed to talk about it so make sure to creative an environment where they feel safe and accepted.

Never try to cure depression yourself. You must consult professionals who are trained to handle all kinds of cases. The wrong word or action might trigger the patient. Once the patient has been properly diagnosed, follow the advice of their therapist diligently.


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