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Saturday, December 16, 2017


5 Tips on How to Capture Leads with Online Tools

Here we have discussed five major tips about capturing leads with online tools.

The lead capturing aims at securing your prospect’s emails. For a business, lead capturing is important for improved marketing, sales and build audience.

Once you build a platform like blog or company website, you need to set up some tools to capture leads for your business. At the moment, every user visiting your site is counted as a lead, and if you succeed in building a strong relationship with users, they become your recurring clients and buyers.

To proceed with the tools to capture leads for your business, your blog or online platform needs to have lead capturing tools configured properly, including online forms, lead capturing plugins like Optin Monster, and a database of leads for maintenance purposes.

With that in mind, after capturing email leads; you can use them for marketing, offering products and services, and involving the community in live events.

In today’s article, we are going to address some tips to capture leads with online tools. These tools contribute to capturing leads for your business, by leveraging your platforms like blog, newsletter or a landing page.

1. Use Plugins like Sumo Me and Optin Monster

Plugins like Sumo Me and Optin Monster are counted as favorites for lead capturing on sites. Once you setup Sumo Me or Optin Monster, visitors are presented automated forms that offer value in exchange of capturing the user’s emails. Once a successful transaction is carried out this way, the leads are stored in the databases powered by Mail chimp, Aweber or Get Response. You can also integrate your plugins with automation tools found in Zapier.

2. Use Online Form Builders, along with integration with Salesforce

Powerful online form builders make it possible to create, design and integrate your forms with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Salesforce. For the purpose, you can use the online form builder, the FormTitan, to create interactive online forms and integrate them with salesforce, helping you capture and manage your leads more efficiently.

3. Conduct Online Surveys

Conducting online surveys with designing forms with Google Forms and survey creators help you collect opinions from your target audience. Online surveys help you capture leads for your business, and make you able to segment relevant audience. This approach, segmentation, makes you able to market products and services in front of targeted customers. Surveys also help you manage your data in an automated manner, also providing you help with accepting files from the users.

4. Paid Ads

Paid advertisements, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook ads help you capture leads for your business. These platforms help you target relevant audience by keywords, market your ads automatically and help you capture leads accordingly. If your budget allows enough potential, paid ads play well in capturing the target audience leads. In this way, once you redirect your leads to capture forms, you build an automated machine to help you capture leads on the go.

5. Guest Posts and Landing Pages

A writing piece on a third party is considered as a guest post if, the site owners have asked for submissions by following their guest post guidelines. Website owners play well by writing guest posts on other sites, and redirect their readership to pages where leads are captured. Moreover, landing pages, where you offer something for the users also contribute to capturing leads for your business. This way, you can write guest posts and build landing pages on a timely basis, and capture leads every time you perform guest posting and creating landing pages.


By leveraging tools and tactics, you can manage capturing leads with online tools. In addition, you can also offer a lead magnet to capture leads for your business, like a PDF document explaining to your audience how to achieve certain goals.

The process of capturing leads goes through several tasks, including setting up some free and paid tools like Sumo Me and Optin Monster. Once you set up doing that, your platforms like blog starts capturing leads for you.

Finally, once you build a system to capture leads, you can integrate your online forms with CRM like Salesforce, to store, manage, and automate certain tasks on the go. To sum up to this line, the whole system of capturing leads builds a marketing machine, that helps you sell your products and services to relevant audience, and build a profitable income on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


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