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Saturday, December 9, 2017

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Disney Store | First Toy Shop in Russia

As per the Reuters News, Russian kids are feeling lucky as they have Disney Store now, they are feeling excited about it.

Disney Store Russia
Disney Store Russia

There will always be a special place in your heart for Disney films even after you’ve reached adulthood. There are countless favorite characters from the US based entertainment company that have children excited by the mere mention of their name. Now, Russian kids are lucky enough to have their very own Disney store according to Reuters.

The locals believe that there is a lack of toy stores in Russia although the country has a rich cultural history particularly surrounding ballet. The first Russian Disney store has opened up in Moscow which is currently in the embrace of winter. The temperature is dancing around 0°C with the snow transforming the historical capital into a winter wonderland. The countdown for Christmas has already begun as the calendar flipped to 1st December. It really is the perfect setting to open up a Disney store taking little minds into a world of fantasy beyond their imagination.

The magic of Christmas blending into the dreams of Disney is certainly thrilling but this is only the beginning. Disney plans to open at last five more toy stores in Russia during the coming months. This is start of a fairly large project it seems. However, the product range offered in Russia and overseas is not exactly the same. The company appears to be testing the waters by first introducing toys only. If you look at Disney stores in the UK for instance, they provide a huge variety in toys and other items too. Besides toys, the UK stores stock clothing including nightwear, skirts and dresses.

Shoes and accessories are also available at those outlets. Bags, scarves, caps, hats, luggage, gloves and jewelry inspired by popular Disney characters are sold there. Children love to dress up as their favorite Disney heroes and heroines so you may shop high quality costumes at the Disney stores within UK. There’s even a cute range of Disney themed home ware including dinnerware, baking tools, mugs and water bottles in stock there. Beautifully crafted Disney collectibles such as figurines and snow globes may be bought in the UK. Of course, you may also checkout cool stationery for yourself or a loved one at the official UK outlets.

Disney is working in collaboration with Russia’s Ideas4Retail to setup these stores and expand the product range sold there. Ideas4Retail is perfect for this project since it has tremendous experience in the children’s products sector. In fact, it has been six years since the company was founded. The first project that gained it recognition was Ideas4Retail’s deal with Imaginarium.

This is a famous Spanish educational toy store chain which wished to expand its market to include Russia. Imaginarium’s Russian venture was so successful that it gave considerable credibility to Ideas4Retail. This was followed by a major success with popular British toy company, Hamleys’s, introduction to Russia. Mamas & Papas was next in line to join hands with Ideas4Retail. The famous nursery brand has since signed contracts to open up seven more stores within Russia with the help of Ideas4Retail.

The first Disney store in Russia is situated in central Moscow right next to Hamleys. It spans an impressive 300 square meters and looks straight out of a fairytale to any passing child. It’s about a lot more than just Disney films. Toys are also available from the Star Wars and Marvel franchises. It’s perfect time with the latest Justice League movie gracing cinemas just this week. Marvel has a long list of brilliant characters loved not just by children but adults as well. The X-men franchise alone has a whole army of superheroes with enviable powers. Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, the Hulk, Deadpool, Daredevil, Thor and the Fantastic Four are only a few popular Marvel characters. The Star Wars franchise has earned billions of dollars each year and its popularity is not expected to decrease anytime soon.

There is locally manufactured as well as imported merchandise prepared for this grand venture. Russians are very excited and happy to finally have a reliable place that sells official Disney merchandise at reasonable prices. The company is working on keeping the rates affordable while maintaining their steady profit margin. It appears to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.


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