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Sunday, December 31, 2017

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Facebook Facial Recognition Technology

Latest update from Facebook is the Facebook Facial Recognition Technology. This will help in controlling hacking of Facebook pages and profiles.

Facebook Facial Recognition

Facebook; one of the most popular social media networks right is now coming up with most recent technology of facial recognition. It probably won’t be irrelevant for a long time if the social media addicts keep giving it good ratings. There are several updates to the Facebook app every year. Although users have pointed out issues that require tweaking, it’s still going strong. It’s one of the most complex social networking site so users love it for the range of features it offers.

Messenger app is necessary for private messaging on Facebook which is a bummer but hopefully, there will be more improvements in the near future. Whatsapp remains the hottest messaging app for its great user experience and layout. However, not everyone is happy with Facebook’s management of security in recent months.

The option of tagging your Friends in photos has been there for years. There are various privacy settings for tagging which you may set yourself depending on your personal preferences. You can prevent users from tagging you altogether too. In addition, you can also limit and customize the audience for the photos in which you have been tagged by Friends. It seems pretty convenient, right? The latest update includes advanced facial recognition software which alerts you every time your face is detected on Facebook. This means that if anyone uploads a picture of you on Facebook, the software will identify you by your face and send you a notification.

How does that sound to you? Consider a situation where someone has gotten a hold of your private photos and decides to upload them on Facebook for their own questionable purpose. You will instantly become aware of the situation. You may proceed to report that profile/ photo for theft. This sounds like a good way to ensure privacy and control criminal activity on Facebook.

However, there is another side to this story which is why the public is not thrilled at the prospect of such facial recognition on Facebook. The issue is unethical data gathering by Facebook which threatens the privacy and safety of its users. Millions of Facebook users employ the social media platform for personal and commercial purposes. They upload their photos, videos and private information on Facebook. They should be able to trust a popular platform like Facebook to do everything it can to keep the safe. Users complain that this is not the case.

Hacking of Facebook profiles, Pages and Groups is not uncommon. Once someone gets your password, they can practically control everything about your account. The first step is usually changing your password so that you no longer have access to your own account. A reporting system exists of course but users are unhappy with the loopholes in security. 

Facebook users fear that the new facial recognition technology will make security even weaker and put them at a higher risk than they were before. Governments have been accused of invading the privacy of citizens particularly online. Now, Facebook may have similar powers to them simply based on the amount of data you feed into their system. Once you have uploaded a photo of yourself, Facebook scans and saves details about your unique facial identification.

This means that Facebook can detect you anywhere and everywhere just because their software recognizes you. Coupled with all the other personal data you’ve freely offered to them, Facebook has great control. This is disturbing for a private platform. It’s like a huge database of people from all over the world. Critics find Facebook’s privacy rules too vague for comfort. There is no reassurance that your personal data will not be used for any commercial purposes.

As you are probably aware, advertisements agencies pay to receive personal data about target audiences of their interest. There is concern among people that Facebook might collect and sell the data of their users for profit in this manner. The users feel like their right to privacy is being compromised and that they may be bombarded with unwanted ads too.

Users desire more transparency in the processing of their personal data by Facebook. They want clear assurance that nothing illegal is going on and that their consent is not taken for granted. Hopefully, we’ll see more progress in the future regarding this.


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