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Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Estee Lauder Enjoys Rising Sales Following Key Acquisitions

Estee Lauder is the prestige name of beauty and skin care products manufacturer enjoying rising sales following key acquisitions discussed here.

Estée Lauder

No matter the state of the economy, cosmetics remain popular. Estee Lauder beauty products has been repeatedly praised as a trendsetter and pioneer in international makeup. They have got the hype as well as the bucks. BBC reported that Estee Lauder’s current sales have risen by 14% these last three months. This is an all time high for the beauty industry giant. The company’s shares rose 12% according to yesterday’s record. They may have reduced slightly but there is great expectation for the holiday season just around the corner.

The cosmetics industry is cutthroat with hot competition between the top brands including Estee Lauder that plays in billions. Several influential names in the cosmetics industry and makeup artistry have been proudly associated with the brand over the years. The face of their brand right now is none other than Kendall Jenner. It seems like Estee Lauder’s marketing team knows exactly how to catch the attention of its target audience. While the Kardashians are always trending on social media Estee Lauder has esteemed makeup artists backing up their product development. 

Success Reason

The reason for Estee Lauder’s continued success and recent increase in sales is wise management and promotion. The company excels at market research and making solid predictions for the future of the cosmetics industry. Since its establishment in 1946, Estee Lauder has expanded business all over the world including Asia. Even with the presence of several third world countries in the continent, Asia remains one of the biggest markets for Estee Lauder’s products. In fact, it was officially launched in Hong Kong in 1961 right after it received tremendous response in London. Estee Lauder’s signature products maybe high end but the other brands brought into its fold have changed the way people perceive Estee Lauder. It started off a reliable skincare brand offering luxurious skincare products for the elite. Today, there are similar brands under its umbrella such as La Mer, Origins, GLAMGLOW and Clinique.

Product Line Extensions

Expanding from skincare into high end makeup, Estee Lauder also bought TomFord Beauty which is a favorite among makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. Bobbi Brown also became a part of their family giving them more credibility. MAC Cosmetics is owned by Estee Lauder which is probably the most famous cosmetics brand in the world. MAC’s makeup products and tools are often considered as standards generating solid profit for the company every year. MAC’s holiday collections are also highly anticipated. As the holiday season is quite close, marketers have predicted higher sales for Estee Lauder than usual. Smashbox is another company owned by them which has several products recommended as staples for any beginner’s or professional’s kit. These amazing brands have greatly added to the profits of Estee Lauder but the last two acquisitions were the most profitable ones by far. 

To Conclude

Ask any beauty enthusiast about the best highlighter in the market and they will undoubtedly tell you a product of BECCA cosmetics. The company’s sales skyrocketed when they launched their famous highlighter range. They have extended their range to include powder, cream and liquid highlighters which are known as must haves. Their popularity hit an incredible level after their highlighter collaboration, Champagne Pop, with famous YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill. She has over 4.5 million subscribers on her channel and has since collaborated with BECCA cosmetics on similar projects. It’s safe to say that BECCA is going in the right direction with social media influencers which counts a lot in the cosmetics business these days. Jaclyn Hill is not the only YouTuber who promotes BECCA. There are many others and some who are just huge fans of the brand reviewing it regularly. Estee Lauder wisely chose to acquire BECCA at a time when it was extremely popular among the masses.

There’s a similar story with Too Faced cosmetics and Estee Lauder. Too Faced also has a long list of popular YouTubers promoting their new releases. They are already known for their bestsellers especially their eye shadow palettes and mascaras. Too Faced releases holiday sets every year which people pre-order and are often sold out quickly. Estee Lauder is ready to reap the benefits of these smart acquisitions this holiday season. Even though the year is coming to an end, the brand has a lot to look forward to.


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