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Sunday, November 26, 2017

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Why SoundCloud is the Best Music App Right Now

When we talk about best music app, SounCloud is the name most reliable for free music with having dynamic features for mobile devices.

Best Music App

Music has totally gone mobile with tons of free music streaming and download apps on both Android and iOS. When we talk of Best Music App, SoundCloud is the name took over the international music scene in 2007 and has established a niche of its own since then. SoundCloud currently has over 3 million votes and a steady rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store. Millions of users all over the world enjoy listening to music, creating playlists and uploading their own on SoundCloud. Perhaps the creation and sharing factors are what make it so popular but wait, there’s more.

Social perk

You might think that best music app-SoundCloud is only for indie artists and music lovers who enjoy uploading covers but you missed an important point: social networking. Music is the one thing that transcends all boundaries and connects people globally. This is what SoundCloud takes advantage of and on its way to become the best music app. There are plenty of great social media networks like Facebook, Instgram, SnapChat, etc. There are also Amino app communities for all the popular entertainment you can think of. However, there wasn’t anything specifically for music. SoundCloud filled in this gap. Did you know how many professional musicians have their own SoundCloud accounts? This is probably something only fans are aware of but many famous artists love to upload their own compositions and covers there. You can connect with your favorite artists there and learn about the kind of songs they are working on before others. There are also collaborations between artists and units made by them which are not managed by any agency.

Three Ways to Enjoy Music

Other free best music app like Spotify have limited tracks because there’s only official music you can purchase there. SoundCloud is for everyone to be used freely. In addition to being free best music app, it focuses on not just listening to music but a total of three features.


Whether you are a professional musician or not you can develop music in your own studio and upload it to SoundCloud. In fact, this is an excellent app for budding musicians who are hoping to gain fans and catch the eye of scouts. You never know who might be listening and recommending your music. It’s also a great place to grow your following and receive feedback from millions of people who might be interested in your music.


Are you looking to connect with fellow indie artists? You will find millions of talented musicians who would love to socialize with you and maybe even suggest collaboration. Even if you’re not a musician, there is an endless list of songs from various genres both old and new on SoundCloud. Discover new gems and golden tunes. Checkout covers of your favorite songs both vocal and instrumental.


Besides uploading your own content and listening to the awesome music by others, SoundCloud allows you a third option: curate. If you enjoy making interesting playlists and are a collector at heart then you’ll love being a curator on SoundCloud. You can gather a huge following simply by making playlists of your favorite tunes and sharing them with others.

SoundCloud Pulse

Since being a curator has a lot to do with management, SoundCloud offers another app to help you accomplish that. SoundCloud Pulse allows you to keep track of all your playlists and followers. Another unique feature of this app is that it considers location. You’ll get statistics about your followers by country and city too. This is how the best music app is serving you.

Latest Updates

SoundCloud keeps things interesting by introducing frequent updates which the users have been longing for to improve the user experience. As there are some excellent features of this app, the updates target issues with convenience. It’s the app that keeps on giving more and more to its users. The following new updates were introduced in just the second half of this year.

Track Recommendations

When it comes to user experience in music and video streaming apps, recommendations are a hot topic. The app developers of SoundCloud aimed to help users find quality music that fit their taste without the hassle of searching. That is why people believe it has all what the best music app should have.

Creator & Curator Link

This update is actually for SoundCloud Pulse which takes curator management to the next level. It’s great to learn and grow with the other curators on SoundCloud and understand current music trends. You can see which songs are most popular in your playlists and are being shared by your followers.

SoundCloud Next Wave

Since SoundCloud is highly supportive of the indie music community, the team filmed a documentary series about indie artists from around the world. You’ll be able to listen to their stories in their own words and watch how music connects us globally. Learn about what’s trending on other countries and how global music is transforming before our eyes.

SoundCloud Next Up

Everyone is picky about what music they listen to and while recommendations are often welcome, you desire more control. The Next Up update was introduced to optimize your listening experience on SoundCloud. When a tracking is playing, you’ll be able to see what songs are next on that playlist. Not only that but you’ll be able to rearrange them as you desire.

Xbox One & Music

A large number of avid gamers are into music so the best music app decided to being these two interests together. SoundCloud is now available on Xbox One so you can listen to your favorite playlist while playing the latest release on your Xbox One. Pick songs which get you in the mood to win and create the perfect atmosphere for gaming.

The Upload

Most users log in to SoundCloud everyday so the app developers came up with an idea that would suit their lifestyle. The Upload is an exciting feature that targets users who love to checkout fresh new releases. When you open up the app, there will be a list of latest uploads derived from your personal taste in music according to your app history.

The SoundCloud team has big plans for the future of their growing Best Music App so stay tuned for more amazing updates that will change the way we listen to music.


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