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Saturday, October 14, 2017

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Portion Control is the Secret to a Successful Diet Plan

Portion control is an essential element for your perfect successful diet plan. You can consider it as a secret for successful dieting.

Portion Control Diet Plan Female
Portion Control Diet Plan Female

Before we talk about portion control lets begin with this question that Have you already started shopping for the fall season? Perhaps, you’re one of those Halloween enthusiasts who start working on their costume as soon as October approaches. You want to look your very best, right? Maybe you’re thinking about shedding a few pounds to fit into that beautiful dress by Christmas. 

There is plenty of guidance available on planning diets and getting started on the journey to your ideal weight. There are delicious recipes that don’t make you miss your favorite fatty foods and exercises to help burn unnecessary fat. However, you might find yourself wondering why you are not losing as much weight as you expected even though you’re following a strict regime. The answer possibly lies in your personal portion control. 

Portion Control Mistakes

It’s ideal to know exactly how much a certain measure looks like but it’s easier said than done. People who love to cook might find it easier but if you’re used to takeouts you will have to learn by trial and error. This is the main issue. Human error is greater in the beginning so you may be measuring portions incorrectly. For instance, you may think a fistful of rice is one serving but you need to use a measuring cup/ spoon for the first time. Everyone’s hands are not the same size so don’t use your hands to estimate food quantities. 

Nutrient Division in Portion Control

Pay close attention to the division of calories between various nutrients. For example, you require higher levels of fiber and protein as compared to carbohydrates and fats. In fact, even good fats are not recommended in large portions. Saturated fats are usually replaced by unsaturated fats by nutritionists. Saturated fats are generally present in animals so fatty meats are discouraged. Lard is a big no! Unsaturated fats are often derived from plants so olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, etc. are excellent substitutes for animal fat and butter. Using non-stick pans and woks will really help you reduce the amount of oil you use. 

Since salads are an essential part of any diet plan, you can make fragrant seasoned herb oil dressing for the salad of your choice. It’s a good idea to go for grilled and baked meat as opposed to fried meat as it requires little to no oil. Protein is responsible for muscle building in the body. Search for meat and salad pairings that make your mouth water. The best sources of fiber include whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This means that a yummy salad will take care of your fiber needs splendidly. Nutritionists suggest that half of your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. Besides fiber, fruits and vegetables provide minerals and vitamins your body cannot function without. In addition, they contain powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, disease and toxins. Antioxidants are widely used in medicine to fight serious illnesses and help overcome weakness. Several antioxidants are renowned for improving the human body’s natural immunity. They don’t just restore your health but also maintain your health too. 

Foods which are high in carbohydrates (sugars) are generally discouraged because they are a major reason for excessive weight gain. However, carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy so you shouldn’t remove them completely during weight loss. Whole grains don’t just offer fiber but also carbohydrates. The reason processed carbohydrates are bad for you is because they are pure carbohydrates. Once you consume them, you’ll get hungry again after a while. You’ll be eating a regular portion of it which will not do much for your weight loss goals. Fiber helps peristalsis (bowel movement) and keeps your digestive system healthy. It is cellulose which cannot be digested by humans (omnivores) only herbivores because humans don’t produce the enzyme, cellulose, need to break it down. Fiber is a blessing since it keeps you fuller for longer. This means you won’t be diving for snacks in between meals. Nutritionists advise that only one quarter of your plate should be carbohydrates and the last quarter should be protein. 

Perfect Portion Control

Now, how may you accomplish good portion control for a consistent diet? If you’re eating nutrients in the correct proportion and exercising regularly but your weight isn’t dropping then your portion size must be the culprit. This is a pretty big issue in the West because restaurants often market their menu by enticing customers with large portion sizes. Consumers are made to think that the restaurant is generous and that they’re getting a good deal for the money spent on that meal. In reality, it’s distorting your view about suitable portion size. 

At home, you probably measure food by the size of your regular plate. However, restaurants choose plates based on visual appeal for their meals and they are often bigger than the average plate. The situation is worse in fast food chains where there aren’t any plates to measure the quantity of the food. “The bigger the better” is the general idea which is of course, not healthy. 

In portion control, in order to be accurate with weight loss recipes, bring out the kitchen scale and measuring cups. There are several convenient and attractive designs available in various materials so you can easily choose what to buy. If you need further help, consider portioned plates which come with recipe suggestions and easy directions. You can find them at your local store and online too. Customer reviews offer a clear idea of what to expect from the product and how good the quality is. You may prepare meals in advance and arrange them in portioned containers or plates. Healthy snacks can also be prepared in small storage containers that are perfect to take to work. You won’t always be reliant on measuring cups and your kitchen scales so don’t worry. This is just to get your started. After a week or so of cooking you’ll be able to tell just by looking how much an ingredient before you is. 

Portion control never ask you to make any drastic change in your diet because that could quickly disturb your body’s daily functions and won’t give you long lasting results. You are human after all and must create a feasible diet plan that you won’t get tired of anytime soon. Steady wins the race, right? So, don’t cut your portions down to half all of a sudden. Make little size changes so you may get accustomed to the portion changes gradually. Before you know it, you’ll have gotten used to eating a much smaller portion than your old diet and eat happily without any complaints. Portion control objective is to give yourself time to adjust to achieve your goals wisely.


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