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Monday, October 23, 2017

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How to do Facebook Business Marketing

Facebook business marketing is the key for achieving business goals in this digital era. From among many social media platforms Facebook is the best.

Facebook Business Marketing
Facebook Business Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective and cost-friendly methods to promote your business especially if you own a small company. In fact, there are several home-based businesses that operate solely through social media. They don’t have any official pickup points or even an official website. That’s the power of social media in the world today. When we talk about social media the first thing that comes in mind is the Facebook business marketing just because Facebook and Instagram, in particular, are the leading platforms for such small businesses. Everything from food to clothing may be ordered through such Facebook pages and Instagram profiles.

Besides such business, there are those with physical locations that prefer making appointments via social media. Customer care via private messages or public comments on social media is becoming increasingly popular. Facebook Business Marketing takes the lead because it offers more options than other social media apps which have a specific purpose. Let’s take a look at how you may promote your business through Facebook.

Facebook Page

It’s a pretty well known concept in the Facebook business marketing world that you should go where your target audience is. The number of social media users in the world is staggering already and it’s only going to increase in the future. So, what better way to connect with consumers and potential consumers than creating a Facebook page? According to Zephoria, there were more than 2.01 billion Facebook users as of September 2017. You can gather your target audience on your Facebook page. When you hear about a new brand, the first step is often searching for their Facebook page. This means that your target audience is already looking for you so it’s important to get started ASAP.


When you setup your Facebook page, you’ll notice that it has been optimized to give you maximum exposure and make it easy for you to establish a brand identity on Facebook. Besides your brand name which appears as your Facebook ID, you have a profile picture where you may add your business logo. The significance of a business logo does not need to be explained. It’s how people learn to recognize your brand. In addition, your Facebook page has a cover photo which you may further use for advertising your tagline or current promotions, revealing your brand philosophy and even displaying all your social media handles. Every Facebook page has an About section with categories like Biography, Story, Contact Information, Awards, Affiliations, Team Members, Website, etc. One click can let a new visitor learn all about your brand. During setup, you may add your location as well as the specifics of your target audience. This is how Facebook knows to connect relevant people to your official Facebook page. 


There are some publishing tools that Facebook business marketing offers to make the upkeep of your business page more convenient. Your social media manager can easily schedule posts beforehand so that they are published at the right time when your target audience is most active. An experienced social media content writer will know how to compose a Facebook post that compels users to pay attention.


The quickest way to gain the attention of Facebook users is to post a picture with an interesting caption. This is perfect during promotions to show off your capabilities and the features of your products. Use high definition images with an artistic touch. It’s a great idea to piggyback on a trend or include a popular celebrity in your promotions.


Short videos are an excellent way to advertise your company for Facebook business marketing. Make sure you limit the length of such videos according to the attention span of humans. Make it flashy or meaningful. Most importantly, create a video that makes users wish to share it with others. You may even find your current users tagging their Facebook friends giving your brand more exposure.

Facebook Ads

Besides optimizing your page and posts to appeal to your target audience, you may reach it via Facebook Ads. This is a very affordable kind of advertising and the results speak for themselves. Just like the details you entered for your Facebook page, you can manage your Facebook ads competently. Facebook business marketing lets you compose ads to target certain types of consumers, often based on their location. Users don’t seem to find Facebook ads as annoying as some of the other ads such as those in mobile applications. You can expect to reach a higher number of people in less time and by investing less money too. You can set the length of time you wish the ads to run and manage ads easily through your admin account.

Messenger Chats

Some of the most important conversations you’ll have with your customers will be via Facebook Messenger. Even if you have multiple representatives managing your Facebook page at a time, they will be able to communicate with the customers simultaneously. You’ll be able to address complaints, answer queries, provide useful information, make suggestions and build connections this way. The way you deal with customers is a huge part of your brand identity because those people share their experiences with others. If you have made a poor impression on someone they will go ahead and complain about your attitude with screenshots on public forums. Such incidents could greatly damage the reputation of your brand. On the other hand, even if you didn’t have what the person wanted but maintained a positive attitude, they are likely to recommend you.

Contests & Giveaways

People love getting discounts and even better, free goodies. Social media is filled with users who are only interested in signing up for giveaways. Whether you’re giving out discount vouchers, a goody bag or a fabulous prize to the winner of your contest it will help promote your brand a lot in Facebook business marketing. This is especially true when you open up a new branch, launch a product or have special offers for a season. Contests and giveaways connected to your current marketing campaign have amazing results. Rules such as liking your Facebook page and tagging friends are ideal. Users participate enthusiastically in such events in the hopes of winning.


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