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Sunday, October 15, 2017

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A Complete Guide to Disk to Disk Copy

Guide to Disk to Disk Copy

Disk to Disk Copy

Different people use different types of systems as per their own requirements. After sometime, no system actually has the value, but its data makes the system valuable. Although, it’s quite possible to replace your damaged or defected system with the branded new one, there is no local shop which can sell you a system with your pre-installed personal or business records, important official files, family multimedia (images, pictures, audio and video recordings) and other useful data that you have stored in the last few years. May be you as a company want to expand your business and have a huge requirement of system installation with the same types of data.

Whether you want to store the backup of all the data you have stored in your personal system or are planning to put the same data in more than one systems of your corporate house – disk cloning is a solution for you.

What is Disk Cloning All About?

The availability of the disk cloning, also referred to as “disk to disk copy” is enough to have the backup of your all important files in other hard disks within the shortest possible time. Even many big companies are taking the advantage of disk cloning to expand their division or upgrade their systems for the entire department.

Simply put, cloning helps the individuals and companies to copy of all the files including texts, images, and pictures, as well as audio and video files of a server hard disk to another storage device (hard disk) or to an image file. The usage of disk cloning is quite popular in many advanced data centers for a number of purposes, including:

System recovery. 
Full system backup. 
Hard drive upgrade. 
Reboot and restore. 
Converting a currently used physical server to virtual machine and more.

An Innovative Hope: The Disk Cloning

Gone are the days when individuals and businesses performing various activities over the digital world opted for clumsy techniques of files backup like floppies, zip drives, and tapes. It’s possible to find a group of those who still have faith in such ancient methods, which are not much effective today as well. Disk cloning has these days evolved as a finest and widely accepted method to protect your data safely. Clones are seen now as rescue to all your data backup related issues.

Cloning a Hard Disk

A small army of drives is required to perform an effective cloned backup strategy. In case if you carry one cloned backup and now want to keep it next to your system, then there are possibilities that your second PC also has the same physical risks as your first PC has. You are always requested to have at least one cloned backup offsite and try to keep the one beside the PC. Clones are really working when you have too short time. Many experts have believed that a clone is an easy-to-use and finest method to restore your data.

How to Copy Disk to Disk?

A full clone of your system is suggested. First of all, you need to buy or arrange a hard drive that has sufficient space to hold all the data of your system. Hard drives are available at very reasonable prices these days, so you don’t have to spend a lot on it. You can use a “copy disk to disk” or “disk cloning” program to make an exact duplicate of your PC onto another hard disk. You can consider the paid or upgraded versions of the chosen program to schedule to clone on regular basis and make restoring of your system easier. In addition to this, you are also advised to consider making of two clones and keeping them off-site at all the times for extra protection.

Conclusion: Your system data is important for you, so does its protection. Taking its complete backup through “disk to disk copy” ensures to get you rid of the fear of losing your valuable data in future.

Summary: Disk to disk copy makes sure that all your important files are restored safely onto another hard drive while allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


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