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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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What’s Coming New from Google?

Many new things are coming from Google.

New from Google
New from Google

If we talk about whats new from Google, it has been very active in releasing updates for mobile and web applications this year besides the extraordinary smartphones introduced recently. Android users are directly affected by Google’s updates so they’ve been concerned about the news from Google lately. Don’t worry because Google has big plans for the future and won’t leave its users stranded. Google aspires to lead technology towards the path of feasible solutions that center around the convenience of the users. So, let’s learn all about the exciting features and updates Google has introduced in recent weeks.

Say Goodbye to Google Drive

Don’t be alarmed of new from google. Google is well aware of the precious data users have stored in Google Drive and how heavily they rely on it for storage and file sharing. It’s important to note that the original Google Drive will not be available on Windows and Mac by 11th December, 2017. However, Android users still have a little time before Google Drive is discontinued from 12th March, 2018. You might be wondering why Google decided to take such a drastic step. 

In reality In reality there is nothing new from Google, it is updating its online storage by removing the outdated Google Drive from G Suite. How? The desktop version of Google Drive will no longer be available. Instead, smartphone users will be presented with two options: “Backup and Sync” and “Drive File Stream”. The former has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of regular Google users while the latter has been designed to cope with business storage needs. Both apps don’t have the same capabilities exactly. The Help section clarifies which one is more suitable for a certain user. 

Google Cloud Search

New from google about cloud search are many of Google’s recent updates that target business users especially companies that desire to improve their intranet. Internal communication between the employees is essential to the stability and efficiency of any business. Cloud storage is an important part of any business’s daily operations and Google looks after these needs brilliantly. After conducting thorough surveys and research, Google came across the main issue users faced in Cloud storage: search. 

Eventually, Google Cloud Search was introduced to take care of the messed up search process of Cloud storage. You can upload and share documents, spreadsheets, slides, images, audio, videos and much more in Cloud. What if you want to want to find one file in this sea of information? The problem is magnified in a business setup. You have deadlines not to mention superiors and colleagues relying on you. Google Cloud Search organizes your search via Assist Cards. You can easily find files and people’s contact details as well. Now, natural language processing (NLP) enables you to search using natural language in Google Cloud Search. If you don’t recall the title of the file but remember the name of the one of shared it, Google Cloud Search can deliver that file to you instantly. 

Gmail Delivery Status

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, you simply click “Send” while creating a new message on Gmail and move on to other tasks. You assure yourself that your message has reached the recipient while the reality might be different. You might go back to your inbox only to discover that there was an error in delivery. This is not a desirable result so Google took matters seriously and introduced a special feature for G Suite.

Now, administrators can use the Email Log Search feature to keep an eye on all the message deliveries within their domain. All the necessary details about every email sent within the network are available to the administrator in case any employee cannot locate a particular email. Having this level of control contributes to the efficiency of that organization and keeps the users assured that their messages have been received on time. If you’re looking for details for messages which are older than 30 days than a separate field exists for that. You won’t be able to find that information in the regular Email Log Search. 

Improved Enterprise Social Network 

Social networking has become an integral part of any organization’s setup. The more efficient the connection and communication between the employees and the administration the better the results will be. Besides that, there are several amazing resources outside the intranet that help employees deliver high quality work on a daily basis. Google+ is widely used for this purpose and works brilliantly with other applications by Google. There have been plenty of great updates for Google+ lately which is wonderful considering many started claiming that it was outdated. Google+ now affords a higher level of control regarding content and comments on it. 

The administrator of an organizational unit can decide how much exposure and interaction to content existing outside the domain would be suitable for their team. There are three various modes for content restriction on Google+ which may be chosen by the administrator. Members who frequently deal with people outside the organization and need to remain updated about external activity would benefit from the “Public Mode”. The other two modes are “Private Mode” and “Hybrid Mode”. They may be selected depending on what limits the administrator deems appropriate. This is new from Google about social networking.

Google Vault PST Imports

Microsoft Personal Storage Table (PST) format is quite popular among organizations these days. Therefore, the new from Google is that Google Vault has been optimized for PST format for the convenience of business users in particular. There is important information which users might wish to export in PST format. The data cannot be compromised in any way as it may happen at times during format conversion or recreation. Allowing data to be exported straight from Google Vault in PST format keeps it intact. It saves users time and energy that was previously wasted in conversion or recreation. Gmail is not the only location from which data may be exported in PST format. Data from Google Groups and on-record chats from Hangouts may also be exported quickly in PST format. When the “Export results” dialogue box opens up select the “PST (MS Outlook format)” from the “Choose” drop list instead of the “MBOX (Standard format)”.

Optimization of Gmail for Contact Details

New from Google has brought yet another fantastic convenience to users both regular and business ones. Gmail is full of important contact details shared between users. You might not have the time to save that contact information right away so Google has stepped in to help you. Phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses will now be presented as interactive hyperlinks in Gmail. Clicking on phone numbers will initiate a call while clicking on an address will take you to Google Maps. You can start a new email thread with that user by clicking on their email address.


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