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Monday, September 4, 2017

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How to Create the Perfect Makeup Base

Creating perfect makeup base is essential for getting lasting face makeup.

Perfect Makeup Base
Perfect Makeup Base

If you look at the work of amateurs and professional makeup artists, the thing that stands out the most is complexion. While the foundation and concealer is nearly invisible in the case of the latter, the former struggles to avoid a cake-y face. The biggest issue with regards to makeup application is usually the base. Learn the basics of applying and blending the base so you may achieve a flawless complexion.

1. Prepping the Skin

You need to maintain good skin care for good makeup application. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize properly before applying foundation. Use a hydrating mist or facial oil if you wish and a primer depending on your skin type if needed.

2. Color Correction/Concealing

Not everyone needs color correction. For cool toned pigmentation, use yellow or peach. For warm toned pigmentation, use lavender. Green cancels out redness. If you don’t need any of this, it’s better to apply foundation and then go in with concealer if your issues are still visible. Many people complain about acne scars. You should spot-conceal them with a small brush and blend out the edges.

3. Foundation Application & Blending

You may use a sponge, brush or fingers for application and blending. Sponges generally eat up more product than flat brushes and fingers are the best blending tools. Choose the foundation shade that matches your skin tone and depth perfectly. Think about the exposed areas of your body. Make sure your face and chest are the same color. Blend in the direction of your facial hair so that they lie flat. Blend outwards and keep the layer thin.

4. Setting with Powder

This depends on your skin type and weather but it’s important to set your under eye to prevent creasing. If you have combination skin type then dust a bit of setting powder on your T-zone. People with oily skin type should dust a thin layer all over to avoid fading.

There you have it! Use products that are right for your skin type and practice to get a flawless complexion.


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