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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Cartoon Network to Introduce a New Powerpuff Girl

Cartoon Network is about to Introduce a New Powerpuff Girl now it will be the power of four.

New Powerpuff Girl
New Powerpuff Girl

There are lots of exciting Hollywood releases slated for this year but you might be surprised to hear that cartoons always have a larger audience. Cartoons aren’t just for kids. They hold fond memories for the adults who have grown up watching them too. Besides the spectacular Disney movies which lit up our childhood, most people are huge fans of Cartoon Network series. There’s a lot of versatility on this channel for little boys and girls to enjoy. One of the most popular series to be aired on Cartoon Network is The Powerpuff Girls.

Everyone knows that they were created by adding sugar, spice and everything nice to make the perfect little girls but Professor Utonium accidentally added Chemical X. While Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were perfect in every way, the Chemical X gave them super powers. So, they ended up being the heroes of their city, Townsville, fighting crime and saving its people from disasters. While their archnemesis is Mojo Jojo, there are other villains such as the Amoeba Boys, Him and Sedusa. They are one of the most loved trio of super heroes in the history of entertainment. Audiences are rarely open to change when it comes to their beloved cartoon series and The Powerpuff Girls is no exception.

Recently, Cartoon Network announced that they would no longer be a trio. The creators have decided to add a fourth Powerpuff Girl! This news was completely unexpected and had left many fans unhappy. On the other hands, some fans are excited to see what Cartoon Network has in store for them. This series is widely popular all over the world and this topic is trending on social media websites since it came out. No specific reason has been given as to why the writers have made such an odd decision.

The fourth sister will be introduced in the Cartoon Network movie, The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four, which will be aired in five parts starting on 17 September, 2017. The first episode of The Powerpuff Girls was aired in 1998 with them crime fighting trio never growing in number (or age for that matter) despite making friends. Fans of the show are concerned as to why the creators have made this move so many years later.

Many longtime fans have pointed out that the idea of a fourth Powerpuff Girl isn’t entirely new. If you recall the episode, The Twisted Sister, you’ll remember that this is not the first time that the concept of a fourth sister has been introduced. However, that idea came to life and died, quite literally, in the same episode so there was nothing more to add to that part of the story. Bunny was a Powerpuff Girl created by the original trio themselves in the lab of Professor Utonium to help share their burden. Since the girls weren’t exactly knowledgeable in the science of their creation they ended up making several mistakes which made Bunny quite different from them. She represented people with disabilities and certainly touched the hearts of fans. Bunny’s signature color was purple and she had superpowers though she had no special ability unlike her sisters. Her ponytail was untidy. She had a hunched back and a crooked tooth. Besides her physical deformation she also seems to be a bit slow on the uptake. Bunny was eager to please and loved her sisters but she misunderstood laws and ended up saving the bad guys instead. She tried to put everything right in the end and has a good heart. Sadly, the imbalance in Bunny’s body due to the girls’ ignorance in creation led her to explode in light at the end of that episode.

Since Bunny’s character was developed to spread social awareness, many Powerpuff Girls’ fans are speculating that the fourth sister’s character will also carry a similar message. There are many TV shows and books these days which focus on diversity in race and sexual orientation. Although Cartoon Network’s first glimpse at the fourth Powerpuff Girl only reveals her silhouette, fans think she may bring racial diversity to the show. They think that the fourth sister might be a colored person which would be a great step by creators.


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