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Sunday, September 3, 2017

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What’s New in Instagram?

Instagram new updated features are getting more likes from users in this year 2017.

New Instagram Feature Live
Instagram Live

Everyone’s favorite photo application, Instagram, just keeps getting better and better. Users who disliked SnapChat were overjoyed when Instagram Stories and Instagram Live came out. Instagram Live has become a favorite among celebrities, brands, social media enthusiasts and makeup artists. There are a lot of international music fans who are not able to attend fan signs or concerts so Instagram Live is a wonderful way to get in touch with those fans. Fans can converse with their beloved celebrities in the comments sections. This has a personal touch, is absolutely free and can be done anytime anywhere. Makeup artists and beauty gurus often do tutorials in their Instagram Live sessions. Beauty lovers can learn professional secrets free and ask for product recommendations too.

It’s pretty common among beauty bloggers to create makeup looks, review products and swatch them on Instagram for their followers. Brands can give their target audience a live glimpse of an event they have organized. It generates a buzz and even encourages viewers to attend such events. The great perks of Instagram Live are that these videos can be quickly saved to your camera application. They may be viewed later or shared on other social media platforms. A brand new feature that’s still in beta testing phase will allow Instagramers to invite friends into their live session but they have to be part of it to come live with them.

Business profile users on Instagram will jump for joy when they learn about another fantastic update in the making. This is more on the marketing side and can guarantee high profits without spending too much on marketing. It’s all about targeting different types of customers depending on the level of interest they have shown in your Instagram profile. The data collection isn’t just based on their activity on your posts but also your videos. You may divide your users by what percentage of your video they watched or the number of seconds they viewed it. This will help you in placing ads according to the user’s interest and guarantee better user conversions.

Instagram’s updates seem to be moving in the right direction generating quality user experience.


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