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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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5 Steps to Perfect Skin

We have laid down the 5 best steps to get perfect skin and care.

Perfect Skin Care

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin but few realize that you need to follow a good skin regime to achieve it. When people have an event to attend, they desperately seek a miracle cure for their skin problems when they could have been avoided by a good skin regime.

1. Cleanse

It’s very important to properly cleanse your skin. Most people don’t understand what that means. Any impurities and excess oil must be removed but it should not strip your skin of its natural oils leaving it dry. Another issue is the pH of your face wash or soap. A pH7.0 (neutral) is important because your skin has an acidic pH. Free alkalis in soaps dry out your skin.

2. Exfoliate

You know that you shed skin continually and new skin grows in its place, right? You must remove dead skin from your face. If you don’t do these then dead skins cells pile up on your skin causing breakouts and making it look flaky? Use a scrub with natural materials or a chemical exfoliating agent.

3. Tone

As mentioned before, maintaining acidic pH, your skin’s natural pH, is vital for healthy skin. Otherwise, your skin can go dry and breakout. You may maintain it by gently applying a cotton ball soaked in toner after every wash.

4. Deep cleanse

There is a difference between daily cleansing and deep cleansing. Besides using a face wash or soap, you may use a gentle facial cleanser or even a natural one like milk. This is daily cleansing. Once a week apply a face mask that sucks out impurities and excess oil from your skin.

5. Moisturize

There is often misleading information on the internet telling you how much moisturizer you need. The truth is that you need quite a lot. Keep applying and massaging into your skin until you can no longer feel the stretch of dryness in your face.

Follow these simple steps daily and feel the difference.


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