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Monday, August 14, 2017

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The Best Android App for Kpoppers

Article is all about Best Android App for Kpoppers, Kpop-popular genre of music in Asia.

App for Kpoppers

Kpop is a very popular genre of music originating in Asia but loved across the world particularly in South America and the USA. There are sold out KCON events as well as world tours, by individual artists, which attest to its popularity besides record breaking chart toppers. Social media is the ultimate way to connect with fellow Kpoppers. Besides social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. there is an app dedicated solely to Kpop.

Yes, Kpop Amino is an absolute must have for lovers of Kpop. It is available on Android as well as iOS so visit the store and download it right now! The user interface makes it easy to understand its working quickly so you may proceed to enjoy it. There are lots of cool features and something for everyone. Kpop Amino is very powerful in uniting Kpoppers from every country in the world. You will surely meet people from your own country there as well other continents. It’s a huge blessing for international Kpop fans who don’t have a close knit community within their country and feel isolated listening to foreign music.

You can make your profile on Kpop Amino and earn points according to the activities you participate in. There are levels showing your dedication in Kpop Amino. You may read and write blogs about literally anything related to Kpop. Users have many popular series like Imagine XYZ, fan fiction, Appreciation of XYZ, Introduction to XYZ, My Top 10 XYZ, News Updates, Controversial Topics, Unpopular Opinions, Fan Art, How I Got into Kpop, etc. So you may enjoy all kinds of blogs with people who share their experiences at fan sign events and concerts too. Featured Posts are on the front page so you may check out the hottest topics in the Kpop world. You may create polls about things you are curious about and quizzes as well. Quizzes are fun to play and you may test your knowledge about artists you stan. Take part in chats on different topics and talk with people from your fandom in private messages too.

Overall, Kpop Amino has everything you could possibly desire from an app dedicated to Kpop so go check it out!


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