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Thursday, June 15, 2017

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How to Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

Stated blog is for the subject to keep motivation during weight loss efforts.

Obesity is a growing global issue that has affected a large portion of the world’s population to some degree. There are those who are just a few pounds overweight and others who in danger of developing serious medical complications due to their obesity. It is especially tough on women who have gone through pregnancy and those in general who are fat shamed because they don’t fit the ideal body image in their country. While fat shaming is a serious issue that leads to problems like bulimia, maintaining a healthy weight is important.
We listened to what women have to say about their struggles with losing weight regardless of how much they needed to lose or what their reasons were. Motivation appears to be a problem for most of them. Here’s what they recommended as it worked for them.

Dream Outfit

Do you have a dress you bought for a special occasion that you’re dying to wear but is a size too small for you? Perhaps, there is a well-loved pair of jeans from your college days you still wish to fit in. You can use your desired outfit as motivation to attain your diet goals.

Related Passion

Losing weight is rarely considered fun if you combine one of your hobbies or passions with it, you could achieve a lot in a short span of time. For instance, if there’s a genre of music you love, you could develop easy exercise routines to your favorite songs.

Eyes on the Prize

You shouldn’t try to compare yourself with others because everyone’s body and lifestyle is different. What you could do is use positive reinforcement. Besides cheat days where you could indulge in a tasty treat, promise to give yourself a present when you cross a weight loss milestone.

Staying Healthy

There are many diseases associated with obesity so staying fit and avoiding them could be a motivator for some. Obesity can mess with your hormones and prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. Educate yourself about the dangers of obesity and practice being grateful for good health.


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