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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Toxic Effects of Netizens’ Reactions on Celebrity Scandals

Netizens reactions have greater impact on celebrities and their scandals and mostly they gone toxic to them.

Netizens Reactions

The abuse of social media and the internet in general has reached its peak even with the recent crackdown on cybercrime. New laws and teams have been created in several countries that limit the damage cybercriminals cause. Online harassment is still widespread because users think they can say whatever they want without fear of consequences. Besides racism, hate speech and violent threats there is a lot of bullying. When controversial content goes viral, netizens are always divided in their views and often take their comments to a new extreme. The situation turns particularly ugly when celebrities are involved.

Every other day, international celebrities become entangled in another controversy which in most cases has no basis. It’s often a mountain made out of a molehill. People raise hue and cry over minor things and then go back to their own lives. What happens then? The celebrities pay the price for the carelessness of the netizens. The public image of these celebrities gets tarnished and their career is seriously affected. Producers are afraid to work with them as if the taint could transfer. Their mental and physical health takes a toll sometimes scarring them for life.

When Brad Pitt and Angelina announced that they were getting a divorce, some netizens were quick to comment that she was a homewrecker who was getting what she deserved.It was disgusting on so many levels especially since children were involved. A few days ago, boy group UP10TION’s agency, TOP Entertainment, announced that member Wooshin would not take part in the latest comeback due to mental health issues.

Back in December, there was a ridiculous controversy about him inappropriately touch ex-I.O.I member, Somi, while both were MCs for a show. Nothing of that sort had happened as both artists’ agencies confirmed yet some netizens went as far as to label Wooshin a rapist. In another case, BIG BANG’s TOP is currently lying unconscious in a critical state after an overdose of a medical drug because of stress over his recent marijuana controversy.

It’s high time that netizens matured and developed fear of legal repercussions for such acts of harassment that could lead to an artist’s death.


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