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Friday, June 23, 2017

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Fidget Spinners Being Banned in Schools

Whether Fidget Spinners should be banned In schools or not! This post may help you in what you are going to decide.

Fidget Spinners

Whether you’re at the playground or the office, you can see at least one person is holding a fidget spinner. Fidget spinners and fidget cubes took the world by storm this year leading to crazy sales and an early Christmas for sellers. This three-pronged palm-sized device has a weighted center and spun continuously by the user. It is rumored to help the user pay more attention to the task at hand as the spinning action grounds them. It also has a whirring sound as it spins.

Initially, it was developed to help autistic children, those with ADHD and similar learning disorders concentrate on learning. There is no proof that fidget spinners and fidget cubes help those with learning disabilities in any way. However, parents and teachers have claimed that these devices have aided in the progress of their children and students. Experts are divided in their opinion so basically, it’s all up to you.

The good thing is that they are relatively cheap some even less than $10. They are made of plastic or metal and come in a variety of colors and designers to attract buyers. Fidget spinners are sold out not because people thought they were helpful but because they are the latest trend and clearly addictive. This addiction to fidget spinners has given rise to quite a few issues at schools leading to a permanent ban in British and American schools.

Not all teachers react to them the same way but the majority agree that it doesn’t help in concentration on studies rather is a big distraction for the users as well as class fellows. One of the reasons fidget spinners are considered so cool is because they can be balanced on various parts of the body while they spin. There are millions of videos on the internet showing tricks with fidget spinners. Students buy them and practice tricks whenever they get the chance even in class. Schools have requested parents to discourage their use during study time as well. Parents of kids with learning disabilities think the ban is unfair to their children because of this craze.


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