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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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EU Criticizes of Social Media’s User Security Amidst Terror Attacks

European Union Criticizes of Social Media’s User Security Amidst Terror Attacks.

Terrorism in Europe

The rising wave of terror attacks these past few weeks has left the world in shock and the EU outraged. On 22 May, 2017 a bomb filled with shrapnel exploded as American singer Ariana Grande’s concert concluded in Manchester. There were a large number of teenagers at the scene and causalities were heartbreaking. This deadly attack left 22 dead, dozens injured and countless missing as chaos reigned. On 3 June, 2017 a van was rammed into pedestrians on the London Bridge. The trio of assailants then began stabbing people in nearby pubs and bars. The horrifying attack left 7 dead and 22 injured. This was followed by a revenge attack by a white British national at the Finsbury Park mosque. The terrible attack targeted worshipers as they were exiting the mosque after offering daily prayers. The assailant drove a large van into the worshipers leaving one dead and 8 injured. Thankfully, he was outnumbered and the worshipers were able to restrain him until the police arrived.

In light of these heinous acts, Theresa May reacted strongly promising that such hatred and evil would not be allowed to consume peace. European leaders came forward to condemn these attacks and state their disapproval at the security situation both offline and online. They have been putting pressure on popular social media channels to control their content. Since social media allows millions to remain anonymous, they are fearful that not enough is done to crush online terrorism.

They believe that extremists are using Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. to spread hate speech and urge others to join in their activities. The European Union has expressed serious concerns over the safety of European users on these social media websites and applications. They feel that the system of reporting such negative content is not good enough. This matter is often highlighted by social media users who claim that their accounts are easily hacked. These users complain that they are not able to report such content properly since these channels do not offer a lot of options for reporting. They are tired of facing online harassment on a daily basis. The European Union is demanding strict action to keep terrorists and extremists off social media so they cannot spew hate and threaten users anymore.  


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