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Sunday, May 28, 2017

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5 Best Ways to Make New Friends

How to make new friends is a question of fact, here we are answering it in a cool way. Following are the best guidelines for the subject.

Social media has brought people a lot closer than before. They seem to be more confident about making friends while sitting behind a screen. However, people don’t interact as much with each other in person and instead remain absorbed in personal devices. Here are five foolproof methods to avoid awkwardness and make new friends.

1. Sharing Interests

You have a much greater chance of becoming friends with someone who shares your passions. Make a list of hobbies and interests that make you happy. Look for online and offline communities related to these things. Attend events and meetings to get to know such interesting people and have fun.

2. Take the First Step

If there’s someone you think you’d click instantly with then don’t be afraid to approach them. What’s the worst that could happen? They could reject your offer of friendship. In that case, you can simply move onto the next person. Don’t spend time wondering. Just talk to them and see if they respond positively.

3. Offering Help

Everyone likes a sweet generous person so become a useful member of society. Sign up to volunteer at local events and charities. You will make valuable personal connections and build a good image. You will find people approaching you on their own you won’t even have to make much effort.

4. Group Activities

Increase your chances of becoming part of a group by participating in activities in your school, office, institution or community. Take advantage of competitions to show off your talents whether it’s singing at an inter-school competition or a local bake sale. You will receive a lot more attention and your talents will be acknowledged by your peers.

5. Act Friendly

If you give off a cold loner vibe then people will probably be hesitant to approach you. The best way to show people you are interested in making friends is to act friendly. Show them what you have to offer as a friend and what sort of person you are. 

It’s not that hard to connect with new people but the most important thing is to show them you are worthy of being called their friend. 


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