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Sunday, May 21, 2017

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Best Android Games of 2017-Top 6

Best Android games 2017, those are at top rankings in Google Play Store includes the top 6, have been stated in this article.

Make the most of summer entertainment to catch up with the most exciting Android games that have topped the rankings at Google Play Store. There are several different genres so you will definitely find a cool Android game that suits your preferences. There’s a game for every mood and time so you can enjoy yourself night and day. There are plenty of multiplayer games so gather all your gamer friends for fun-filled little competitions. 

1. Cut the Rope: Magic

Literally anyone can play and score well in this little game. Your cute Om Nom needs to eat candy so you have to help him get to it by cutting the rope. There are perks to be had for playing well so do your best!

2. Minecraft

You can mine for precious materials and do lots of building in Minecraft. Besides exploring the town and strengthening its resources there is also action. Unleash your creative spirit and get amazing rewards. 

3. Clash Royale

Get ready for another fantastic release by Supercell, Clash Royale. There’s nothing like strategy with high stakes to get the gears in your brain turning in the right directions. It’s guaranteed to be fun and sharpen your decision making skills. 

4. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

There has rarely been any disappoints from the Final Fantasy series so if you’re a fan don’t miss out on its most recent addition. The graphics are breathtaking and you have the good old style so well loved by gamers everywhere. 

5. This War of Mine

If you are looking for a meaningful game then This War of Mine will play around with your emotions like a heartbreaking melodrama. You are supposed to lead a group of war survivors and make tough decisions as their fate lies in your hands. 

6. Pokemon Go

How can one leave out Pokemon Go when talking about mobile games? There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than catching Pokemons everywhere you go. The best part is that no one will complain because it’s so popular. 

There are dozens of options at the Google Play Store right now and more are being released as we speak. So, get off that couch and give your brain some exercise this summer. 


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