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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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United Airlines Latest PR Nightmare

United airlines airlines came under fire for the mistreatment of their passenger, latest news

Social media blew up recently as another American airlines came under fire for the mistreatment of their passenger. This is becoming a norm these days as airlines lose their sense of hospitality and think only of profits. People need to travel so of course, they may have no choice but to board their planes. As the past has shown, notable figures have boycotted renowned airlines for misendeavours. This trend really needs to die down soon because it not only causes embarrassment to the company but also a lot of inconvenience to the passengers.

In this case, the problem was that the flight was overbooked. How could that have happened without the employees knowing? This shows poor management and teamwork making the incident even worse. The video uploaded by concerned fellow passengers is horrifying and the behavior of the crew seems inexcusable. As security approaches the passenger in question, you can hear bloodcurdling screams which are silenced suddenly. What happens next left everyone speechless. The security personnel literally dragged the elderly passenger by his arms from his chair and out of the plane. You can see and hear the other passengers protest but the crew remained undeterred by their pleas.

Instead of apologizing for the incident and trying to somehow make up for the awful behavior, United Airlines Chief Executive claimed that the passenger was disruptive and that they were all upset at the current situation. He said that they would “re-accommodate” the customers who complained. On one hand, they are so strict about security that it leads to ethnic discrimination at times while on the other hand, they themselves are responsible for unacceptable violence against passengers. It’s high time the authorities got involved and protected basic human rights which are being so shamelessly violated in the name of rules just because the company owns that plane. 


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