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Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Introducing Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has announced the release dates of galaxy s8 and named it the best performing display phone this year.

One of the biggest releases in mobile technology this year has got everyone excited! Samsung has announced that it will be launching its Galaxy S8 this month. Samsung fans can get their hands on it on 21st April in the U.S. and 28th April in the U.K. If you thought it was a repackaged phone with the same concept as its predecessors prepare to be blown away!

Best Performing Display

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has been developed with cutting edge technology to ensure a breathtaking user experience you cannot get anywhere else. Once you take a look at the long list of incredible features it has to offer, you’ll realize the $720 price tag is justified. Did you crave a bigger screen with sharper resolution? Its innovative Infinity Display is 5.8 inches long so you can watch your favorite movies, music videos and TV shows besides enjoying video games with stunning graphics. The smooth hi-tech uninterrupted glass joins the luxurious aluminium body giving it a chic look.

Awe-Inspiring Camera and Configuration

Are you addicted to selfies and like to capture the little joys of life on camera? The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 12MP main camera to produce brilliant images even in poor lighting. Click amazing selfies with its 8MP front camera on the go. Don’t be afraid about your battery running out while taking photos and filming videos because it has the first ever 10nm processor powered by Android 7.0 with 4GB RAM that makes your phone battery last a long time. Make sure you never run out of space by inserting a memory card to expand its memory up to 256GB.

Security and Convenience

You never need to worry about security again because this smartphone has iris scan screen unlock technology apart from face recognition option. Meet Bixby, your friendly virtual assistant, who gets the job done faster and better. You don’t have to speak into the microphone so it’s really handy in places that demand silence. Just visit your camera application and show Bixby the task you need completed quickly.

Get ready to enjoy these terrific new features in the versatile and glamorous Samsung Galaxy S8.


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