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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Core Affirmations to Build Your Self Esteem

Identifying primary affirmations to build your self esteem.

It’s not surprising that depression is becoming more common these days. Bullying has become easier now as internet and mobile users take advantage of the anonymity technology affords them. It’s not hard to throw stones at others when you have a screen to hide your identity. While laws and regulations are making progress in curbing this issue, there is still a lack of awareness and good support systems.

The best defense is to devise your own security system by building up your self esteem. It might not stop bullies from targeting you but it will surely help soften the blow and prevent long term damage.

1. Identify Hate comments

There is a class of people that doesn’t criticize you but simply sends hate your way. Learn to identify these people who have nothing positive to offer. Instead they delight in demeaning others to feel better about themselves. Ignoring them is best.

2. Learn Your Qwn Value

It’s generally known that a person who doesn’t respect themselves cannot expect others to respect them. When you clearly display a lack of confidence and put yourself down you make yourself vulnerable to bullies who think you are easy prey.

3. Work on Weaknesses

Don’t feel bad if someone points out your flaws. Instead, judge whether their remarks were fair and then start working on your weak areas. This will give you the satisfaction that you are doing something about it and make a good impression on others.

4. Appreciate Yourself

You might not have what others do but there are plenty of great things about you. Take a closer look at yourself and make a list of your positive attributes. Make sure you and others pay more attention to them rather than your flaws.

5. Give Yourself a Break

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Always remember to be kind to yourself and set realistic goals. If you keep reminding yourself of your failures it will be hard to succeed as you begin losing faith in yourself. Focus on what you have accomplished and just keep working hard to achieve your objectives.


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