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Friday, November 18, 2016

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Streaming And Media Players

Smartphones, latops, computers, media streamers and media players, most commonly used electronics. Every person is engage in talking about these technology products, their attributes and compactness. With the invention of mobiles all such things got a change, in there design and functions because mobile brings the love for mobility of things so that one can use and carry them, anytime anywhere without any hurdle.

Undoubtedly, science has sought long ways to provide optimum comfort to humanity. Same is the case when it comes to streaming and media players. It would be no wrong to name such devices as “wireless entertainment”. From online streaming of your favorite match to exciting climax of world’s best seller movie, all can be well played at the cost of a single fingertip. Long gone are the days when a huge set of devices were supposed to connect along with television set and tons of jumbled wires just for the sake of a single movie print.

Currently we have following two major types of streaming and media players, classified according to functions;


Streamers or streaming media players are the devices used to stream your content from other devices like laptops, smartphones etc. It enables you to view your favorite content on HD television by simple plugging-in to smart and standard TV.  Example: Google Chrome Cast

Media Players

Media players are those portable devices very compact and handy, use to listen your favorite audio and video songs. Most common examples for them are mp3 players and mp4 players. Example: iPods


Others include the following

Personal 3D Viewer
Bluetooth gaming controller
Media jukebox
Live TV with Wi-Fi


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