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Sunday, November 20, 2016

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Smart Technology Masterpiece – Ringly Ring

Technology is emerging by each passing day and taking us in new phase. After flooding almost every dimension of human life technology platform is now reached in next more higher level with wearable devices so called wearable gadgets, like smart rings. It is becoming a success story in news and discussions right after its launch. It is subject to the confidence and boldness to a user with its incredible functionality and appearance through a smart phone.

Appearance and Designing

Foremost attractive and catchy thing in smart ring that is the large gemstone placed right on it and presenting it as a unique piece of technology art work plus a thing for a woman that is more than just a jewelry ring.

Moderate Weight

Ringly ring has very moderate weight which is making it more demand-able while at a glance view no one can think of it as a technology device for connection and notification. It seems just like jewelry out of shop.

Numerous Varieties

Ringly has been launched in three patterns namely Wanderlust Labradorite, Black Onyx, and the Dive Bar Quartz. Now you have good possibility about owing the best one masterpiece of this jewel technology.

Ringly Usefulness

It has moderate technology not that much advanced still sufficient to fulfill your requirements. It is water resistant but it does not mean that you fully hand it over to water because keeping it in water for long period of time will result in damages.

Main Functionality

It has been designed for the core purpose of notifying you about your mobile phone notifications. While you are connected with your Smartphone through ringly via Bluetooth it will notify you with LED feedback or a haptic. It is functional on both type of operating systems either Android or iOS.

Application for Ringly

Ringly app can be downloaded from the app stores in Android or iOS after that just install it on your phone then simply proceed with connecting it to Ringly via Bluetooth.

Battery Timings

It has good potential about battery timings; it will keep you in power for almost two to three days subject to the amount of phone calls and notifications you receive in a day.

Bottom Line

Here the conclusion falls on this masterpiece concept while when it comes to more enhanced features; no doubt that technology will take it to more higher level. Since its launch it is getting satisfying feedback from general public. Do try this technology product and get the delight of using it.


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